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Watched Se7en the other day, and was disturbed to discover that the enduring image I had from first watching the film (in the cinema) was actually a split second flash shot. Amazing the tricks that memory plays. I won’t tell you what the shot was in case you haven’t seen the movie (you should), but did anyone else manage that?

Less of a good film was ‘The January Man’, watched as part of some research for a later feature of this blog of a review of some sort of all Alan Rickman films that I have seen. It was watchable though.

Took our youthgroup bowling last night, but due to a lane shortage beyond our control, I wound up in laserzone with some of the kids. Great fun, and I think I’m getting better, although our team lost both games.

“Sin, one small word, eternal consequences” [Mrs Ormerod ‘Anita and Me’]

I have a youthgroup 10 minute Bible study to lead tonight on the topic of sin. Any ideas?

Can’t get the Playstation to work, and that’s next weeks youthgroup activity.

Last night’s folk club was a bit of an auditory detox after a day of music (how can I say this…) not to my taste in church. The evening also brought us the very sad news of the death of a great local christian/folk singer-songwriter on Good Friday. He was definitely one of the good guys. Rest in peace Tony.

Where’d the weekend go?

Anyway. Deaconly devotions went well. I’ve been looking through some old photographs from when our church hall was built (in time for its 10th anniversary). Most people haven’t really changed in 10 years (kids excepted, naturally). Maybe I just don’t recognise the ones that have.

Today I think is the day to measure up for bookshelves and a desk, a trip to Ikea being imminent. It’s like a rite of passage into any new home these days, I would rebel, but I can’t afford to.

I’ve been put to looking after a sunflower for a kid who wasn’t at youthgroup last week. Well a sunflower seed in a pot really (yes, with soil). Should I keep it inside, or stick it out in the yard? It seems a bit cold outside today, so I’ll keep it under the glass roof ’till it warms up a bit I think.

Time for more tea.

And relax!

The youthwork talk went fine, and they all took their stones home as a reminder not to judge others (will have to remember that one in future).

Am currently writing up a drama sketch that I wrote in my head during last Sunday’s sermon (well the 2nd 1/2, having slept through the first 1/2). It does relate to what I was hearing at the time, and probably goes to prove that we all learn in different ways, some need to hear it, some to read it, some to see it and some apparently to write and perform it.

Still no house news, might be the end of the week before we get a date. Really I’m quite relaxed about it, as long as we’re in by Easter it’ll be fine.

I might be getting addicted to cranberry and raisin Geo-bars, or maybe it’s because they’re just there and I don’t have to cook them?

Mothers Day cards and adultery

That’s the theme for the youth group this evening – guess who drew the short straw and gets to do the talk about ‘the woman caught in the act of having sex with someone who wasn’t her husband, and narrowly escapes being stoned to death’ to a group of 9-14 year olds?

Unfortunately it’s not one of those passages where you can skim over the sex bit. I’m thinking of impressing the seriousness of it onto them by handing them each a small stone. If I escape alive, I’ll let you know how it went.

Weekend was good, still no moving date.

I have 2 deacons meetings this week, how did that happen?

I’m ill

Just thought I’d tell everyone. I have a cold – and a party for a church youth group to attend in less than 4 hours time. I’ve been up since 4:30am, because I couldn’t sleep, due to only being able to breathe when sitting/standing up and conscious. This is not good. I knew today would not be a good one when my (free off the back of a cereal packet) ‘Chilly and Friends’ advent calendar had a picture of a smiling dog in it.

All of this being the case, I put off Christmas shopping for another day, and stayed home, only to see the most strange edition of Neighbours for quite some time. A celebration of a Serbian Othodox Saints Day , or Krsna Slava. At least Jack and Izzy weren’t featured, or Chandler’s Dad Nina’s mum.


… long time no see. Yes, I know. My fault.

look, stupid people

It’s been a mostly good fortnight since I updated last. Low points have been saying goodbye to 2 very good friends who have emigrated (to Scotland and England). They both seem to be getting on well though, and it means someone to visit next time we need a break.

Weekends now include a visit to the local folk club, it was a bit daunting at the singers night last week, especially for one who doesn’t sing, but the plethora of Richard Thompson songs more than made up for that. The week before was a John Kirkpatrick gig, which nessa more than adequately covered. JK was on top form, and even sang my request, which was fab.

I also managed to lead my first talk in the youthgroup I help with – demonstating the evils of gossip with a can of baked beans and some red lentils, topped off with a reading from the great Elinor M Brent Dyer. It seemed to go down well.

There’s probably tons more to tell – serves me right for not updating in so long.

Neighbours is fantastic at the moment – highly recommended viewing.

I’ll come back and do another update later when I’ve had time to think.