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WISE clue time

Eep, I was going to post some more clues while my WISE package was getting to its destination so the recipient had half a chance of guessing who it was from.

Better late than never.

  1. I have met this person
  2. The fact that I’m posting in a rush now is probably the biggest clue
  3. I’m hoping this person has a place to hang some ornaments this Christmas.

See you later.


Many many many thanks to Farli, your wonderfully WISE gift arrived this morning. A-perfect-for-my-Christmas-colour-scheme Christmas stocking knitted (and I’m in awe of anyone who can knit a square never mind something as intricate as this) to an Estonian pattern, filled with a not-quite-but-better-than* chocolate orange and accompanied by a card:

stocking, card and chocolate

<– This is supposed to be a better picture to show the details. It does have the whole stocking in, but it appears to be fuzzier. While it’s true to say I’m getting very fed up with my camera, in this case it’s my photography / editing skills. Sorry.

Looking back at a past Farli project, I’m given to wonder if it’s the same wool used for Rusk’s hoodie?


* Chocolate Orange Divine bar, better because it’s fairly traded chocolate, fits in the stocking, and fits through my letter box!

A Word To The WISE

My WISE package is posted and is on its way. I may drop some hints later as to where it’s going, but for now ‘not within the UK’ will do. Turns out the people were supposed to be picking up the electrocuting blanket between 9 and 5 (not what they told us yesterday). We rescheduled for Monday, which didn’t stop them putting a card through the door to tell us we weren’t in today. Gah.

Tagging along

Yes, these new wiblogs are fantastic for procrastination aren’t they. I’m still thinking what to do for most of my categories, but tagging is great fun, especially as Jack pointed out in the comments with the tag-cloud.

I’m sat in waiting for someone to pick up the electrocuting blanket, in 30 minutes they’ll be officially late, but typically I’ve been waiting since 9am. hopefully they’ll make it in time, because I want to get my WISE parcel in the post on time, given it’s going outside of the UK. Going to the post office would take very little time, but that would be the exact window in which they’d show up.

The Brownies did very well in their inspection last night, only one not in uniform (although there were only eight of them there due to a temporally displaced Halloween disco at the local school). We also had a fire drill, covered books, had a story and a game and talked about or favourite books and authors. Jacqueline Wilson and Humphrey the Hamster scoring very highly on the appreciation index.

WISE and well

First of all a huge apology to Semele, my WISE buddy, I got my parcel last week, but was very ill with flu, so didn’t post the MASSIVE THANK YOU it deserved. It really cheered me up, and to demonstrate this effect, I have posted a photo of the new improved and better me with the book:


The book, for the uninitiated is about a sheep who can’t sleep, and is fantastic.

I thought I’d better blog to keep up with the hubby anyway. I like his blog.

Not much to tell in other news really – I passed my driving theory test (again) yesterday, maybe I’ll manage the practical one of these days. See some of you at Greenbelt – that’s quite exciting!


So you decide on the perfect book for your WISE buddy, but it’s also one of your favourites, and even if you did want to give away your copy, you’ve written your name in it, not subtle.

One complete trawl of all charity shops within a certain radius later, you give up and bid on e-bay. Is that a cheat? Tough.

There’s also the thought in the back of your mind that if you think it’s the perfect book for your buddy, the chances are (a) they’ve already read it, or (b) you’ve got them all wrong and they’ll hate it.

Ho hum.