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I think too much has happened to allow a full update at this point. We’re working on settling in to the new house. We’ve had visitors for the past week one of whom updated her wiblog from our house before we did!

Currently I’m preparing a drama sketch for a deacon’s meeting devotional session, and have borrowed a kid’s cash register from a friend, just need to find a calendar – probably the wibsite one.

Easter was good – lots of chocolate and hot cross buns, and we saw Shaun of the Dead (cool) and attempted to bury Rhys on the beach, and drank lots and lots of tea (no change there then).

And now we have a whole new life in our new place to look forward to. It’s raining, but that’s Swansea.

The North wind shall blow, and we shall have snow…

Yes, as readers of Nessa’s wiblog and residents of this ugly and sometimes lovely city will know, if you’re dreaming of Swansea tonight, make sure you dream it white.

So (and feel free to hum the appropriate tune, whatever you think it may be) the gallery continues here:
don't you just love having a view?
This is the view that greeted us this morning, as we went to the car. Said car didn’t start until after lunch, so we had a lovely morning involving a walk in the park, watching the kids on their sleds and seeing neighbours’ snowmen. (I’ll put more pictures of all of that up on request, if you ask nicely). Then…

Your lips are like cherries...oh.
I made my own mini snowman while Rhys worked from home. All in all a good morning I feel. those in Devon have all the fun ahead of them.

As I’ve been a bit lax on Harold news of late I should point out that he’s suffered a stroke, Could this be the end of the Jellybelly we’ve grown to love? Tune in weekdays at 5:35pm to find out.


haven’t updated in a little while…

So, what’s been happening? Well, apparently, popular band Evanescence went online over the weekend to rally against rumours that they are a Christian band. Spookily they then fall from their #1 spot in the charts shortly afterwards. Coincidence? Divine judgement? Or were they just not that good after all. Oh well, they served their purpose, the Fast Food Rockers never topped the charts.

Some people think it’s just me that speaks with an odd accent, and uses curious words every now and again. I have now found online evidence to back up the facts that there is such a thing as a Nottinghamshire dialect, if you would like to know how to speak ‘Nottnum’, you could do worse than clicking here or here. For those that haven’t met me, my accent int that strong, having been brought up a little outside of Nottingham, with strong Brummie influences, and having lived in Wales for the past 8 years, 1/2 of that time with a Welsh speaking husband.

Ok, looks like rain, time to get the washing in…

It’s sunnier today…

…and so is my mood. Sorry if i guilt tripped anyone into updating any parts of the internet yesterday – you know those days when you are sat at your computer and wanting to see something interesting, and everything just stays the same, and it seems like the internet has finally stopped being interesting? Well that was yesterday, but this is today, and as I said, it’s sunnier, so that makes all the difference.

Spent last night learning to play Canasta, which was fun, but had the chance of being more so, had my partner also managed to grasp the point of the game. Never mind, I feel a re-match is in order on Thursday?

In case anyone who normally lunches with me is reading this and expecting to go to lunch sometime this week, please feel free to organise it. I can manage any day except today. Ta.

more of the same

We had some sunshine this morning, unfortunately it’s turned distinctly chilly this afternoon, and we might even have rain. Not that I hugely mind rain, I think it has a bad press, but I need to dry my washing.

So, in that line of thought:

May (the) 4th (be with you): Bring Me Sunshine.

Not a great deal to say about this, Morecambe and Wise obviously sang it a lot, and it was written by Sylvia Dee and Arthur Kent, who also wrote “The End of the World”, popularised in my generation, at least, by Sonia, who lost ‘Reborn in the USA’ to this guy. There we are then.