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Eve Eve

Getting excited now, have seen my (wrapped up) presents, and have wrapped everyone else’s. Want to play. Unfortunately a 5 (at least) hour car journey stands between me and Xmas, pass the fruit drops…

J – it was Joe’s, why what other ice cream parlours are on my way home? Also our friendly local greengrocer appears to have ceased trading :( – back to Spar then?

Here’s day 23:

What's behind the square window?

All Christmassed up…

Swansea has to be the ice cream capital of Britain. Where else is it considered a normality to have not just one, but several ice cream parlours open all the year round without question? Where else would people gather for sundaes over the Christmas holidays and watch the waves breaking against the shore over a Knickerbokerglory in January?

I celebrated my Christmas shopping being finished by enjoying a Christmas pudding flavoured cone on my way home from town. Christmas pudding flavoured ice cream is the most fantastic invention ever, and a bargain at £1 a cone. I was well chuffed. Swansea’s main defence against becoming a cloned McCity is not Griff Rhys-Jones in a comedy drama, or Dylan B*@#%y Thomas’ legacy. It is ice cream. In January.

Here’s day 22:

What's behind the square window?


Christmas shopping starts today, the plan was to be in town by now, but I’m hoping it won’t be that bad if I’m there before 10. Then I need to prepare a pass-the-parcel for a group of 9-11 year olds, ideas for forfeits welcomed.

Meanwhile, it’s day 13 in the big Advent house, and Mary’s having contractions…

What's behind the square window?


that’s the state of our skirting boards apparantly, the mushrooms were a big clue, but the man from Rentokil has confirmed it. Expensive times ahead I fear.

Still, we have some lovely new Ikea furniture, so our CDs are now safely away in a cabinet rather than in the (admittedly aesthetically pleasing) colour co-ordinated spectrum across the mantelpiece. In putting our DVDs and videos in the other cabinet we managed to throw away 2 bin bags worth of videos that we have had for years and never got around to watching. I really ought to continue in this vein for as long as possible, we have an awful lot of junk in this house.

Last week was spent visiting Soo and the bamphires. They’re fine, R and D are growing up fast, D was 3 on Friday, and R starts full days at school next week.

Hmm, really I should visit the charity shop with a couple of bags of stuff that was too good to throw. I’m more used to leaving charity shops with bundles of stuff in my arms, not actually leaving stuff there. It seems to me that there are the type of people that give to charity shops and the type of people that buy from charity shops, and then there’s people like me who reach critical mass and have no other choice but to change tactic. Mercifully, it all helps.

If I were a butterfly… I wouldn’t be inside on a day like this.

A long day spent preparing for a prayer meeting. Not only could I not find the acetates for ‘If I Were A Butterfly’ (which for some reason we decided to sing) we also didn’t have any acetates. The local stationers, although helpful enough to be there and sell acetates charged through the nose, and so when one cocked up I found myself scratching off the words ‘fuzzy wuzzy bear’ so that the 90p sheet would not go to waste.

Another shop opened today, very near the stationers, it is very odd to have a delicatessen in walkable distance from my house (and right underneath the flat of one regular reader of this blog, but she’s away on holiday). They sell very nice cheese anyway, please visit their site if you live near them, and encouraging them to stock fair trade produce would be good. Ta.

Anyway, must go, the prayer meeting and a bacon sandwich calls.

Senior Moments…

If anyone should be having them, it’s the couple staying with us who celebrated their ruby wedding anniversay over the weekend, not me, but I started writing this wiblog entry before, and seem to have forgotten what I was doing and gone elsewhere on the internet. It’d be fine if I could remember what I’d written…

Much baking has been taking place in our kitchen, in order to celebrate the aforementioned anniversary, tonight, the tradition carries on as I attempt to be Nigella, and make some iced biscuits for a Teddy Bear’s picnic tomorrow morning.

Been buying dvds today, that’s the trouble with joining a movie rental club, you start wanting to buy more films. (btw if you know me and want a free month’s trial of that rental club, let me know), wasn’t sure whether to buy Peter Pan or Holes to fill up the 3 for 2 deal, I went for the latter, it better be good.

Neighbours is getting faster paced by the day, I’m not sure I’m up to date with everything that’s happening, and I read enough spoilers to usually know months in advance (and I watch every day, without fail – I’ve not missed one in years). Maybe I’m just getting old…

Where’d the weekend go?

Anyway. Deaconly devotions went well. I’ve been looking through some old photographs from when our church hall was built (in time for its 10th anniversary). Most people haven’t really changed in 10 years (kids excepted, naturally). Maybe I just don’t recognise the ones that have.

Today I think is the day to measure up for bookshelves and a desk, a trip to Ikea being imminent. It’s like a rite of passage into any new home these days, I would rebel, but I can’t afford to.

I’ve been put to looking after a sunflower for a kid who wasn’t at youthgroup last week. Well a sunflower seed in a pot really (yes, with soil). Should I keep it inside, or stick it out in the yard? It seems a bit cold outside today, so I’ll keep it under the glass roof ’till it warms up a bit I think.

Time for more tea.

Still not packed

and now less than a week to go.

Just dropped in to this blog though to let my fellow ladies who lunch be reassured that we are meeting at 1 at the BdJ.

We’ve got to the stage of packing now, that most of our meals are now planned for outside our house, as we’ve run the pantry down. Friends are just great. We were also provided with a set of bedroom curtains last night at housegroup, Highly useful, as the ones in there at the moment are threadbare, and will be expensive to replace. I sense a trip to Ikea in our near future, it comes to us all. Well, no actually, we go to it, but you get the general sense of the sentiment.

Going to see The Passion of the Christ tomorrow, having read Richard’s review (wibsite front page) the thing I’m most looking forward to is the Harry Potter trailer.

slight confusion

I’m usually good with faces on the telly, and can tell you where I’ve seen people before (usually it’s Neighbours or Grange Hill) but it seems that for the past few months I’ve been getting Julianne Moore confused with Laura Linney. To be fair, they do look uncannily similar. Anyway we watched ‘The Life of David Gale’ last night, with who I thought was Julianne, but turned out on closer inspection to be Laura. It was, nevertheless a fantastic film, but if I tell you why it’ll spoil it. Oh, I know I seem to be doing this a lot recently (I like to think it’s because I’m responsible to other people’s sensibilities rather than twisted in my own), but it is fairly explicit and gruesome, so if that’s not your thing, don’t watch.

Still no house news.

Chas – Geobars are available from Traidcraft, Oxfam, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Well worth it, the cranberry and raisin ones are the best.

Doctor, doctor, my son can’t pronounce his ‘f’s or his ‘t’s…

…Well he can’t say fairer than that then.

Yes it’s Fair Trade Fortnight and all across the nation we are appreciatively gobbling our Fair Trade bananas (20% off at the Co-op, 50p voucher off Clipper tea at Sainsbury’s), and sipping our ethically sourced cocoa.

There is a Rory McLeod concert in aid of Fair trade in Swansea, as well as various church coffee mornings and stalls everywhere. Swansea’s shopping centre was sporting a Fair Trade stall, complete with guitar-strumming musical accompaniment today. Couldn’t tell if the guitarist was any good, as the acoustics in the Quadrant aren’t.

Although it is Cardiff that was awarded the title of Fair Trade City this week (trailing miserably behind Ammanford, who gained it last year), I feel that Swansea are making a supreme effort in the name of true Fair Trade. Fairness across the board meaning equal opportunities to multinational competition. Swansea’s first city centre Starbucks opens on Monday, serving Fair Trade coffee as its coffee of the week. You really can’t say fairer than that.