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New camera…

…possibly bought too soon, as our telly decided to go phhht over the weekend.

I’m having a few image uploading problems at the moment, but you can always find my flickr pages if you can’t wait or something.

Anyway, we had a lovely weekend. Gained a goddaughter, saw lots of old friends – some for not long enough, sorry if you were one of them – and generally had a good time.

We can now catch up on the weekend’s telly on our portable from upstairs, which used to seem like a decent size and now… it doesn’t.

Supposedly tidying…

…but obviously actually blogging. Tidying can wait another few minutes, and besides it’s not like we’ve got an actual guest coming to stay, just the ex-lodger, and she knows exactly what we’re like :)

After last post’s moaning about our camera, and sending back the electrocuting blanket we decided that we’d spend our refunded money on a new camera. It’s a bit more spiffy than the old one, but about half the price (cameras have come down in price, and this one was on sale). I’ve not had a chance to get out properly with it yet, and won’t ’till the weekend, but I’ll post some photos when I do (I’ve just been taking and deleting dull test shots so far).

Brownies tonight, but not in the meeting hall, we’re going out on an adventure – can you guess where?


Many many many thanks to Farli, your wonderfully WISE gift arrived this morning. A-perfect-for-my-Christmas-colour-scheme Christmas stocking knitted (and I’m in awe of anyone who can knit a square never mind something as intricate as this) to an Estonian pattern, filled with a not-quite-but-better-than* chocolate orange and accompanied by a card:

stocking, card and chocolate

<– This is supposed to be a better picture to show the details. It does have the whole stocking in, but it appears to be fuzzier. While it’s true to say I’m getting very fed up with my camera, in this case it’s my photography / editing skills. Sorry.

Looking back at a past Farli project, I’m given to wonder if it’s the same wool used for Rusk’s hoodie?


* Chocolate Orange Divine bar, better because it’s fairly traded chocolate, fits in the stocking, and fits through my letter box!

Greenbelt listings…

according to this blog they’d revealed at least some of the speakers a month ago this time last year. This year nothing.

This is my latest five minute project, and is being put to use as I write – answers on a postcard please:

So why the sudden return to blogging? A couple at church last night told me that they had been reading this thing, and so I thought I should make an effort :)

much better

cropped photo 2

Not quite as much off as I envisaged, but at the recommendation of the hairdresser who knows far more about these things than I do.

Dith – you know not quite how close I came to adding a brightly coloured streak – but I’ll save that for another, braver day!

decision made

due at the hairdressers in 5 minutes, so this is a quick one.

I decided to combine much of your advice, and have a foot chopped off. that’s 12″ of hair, not the end of my leg, sorry lanark.

Unfortunately wig donations are a bit difficult to find around here, and my hair’s not that good anyway, I last had it cut over 2 years ago – told you I don’t do hairdressers!

Anyway, for the record, here’s the before photo:

cropped photo

see you later (or you’ll see me anyway)!


I don’t often get invited to someone’s house for tea and cake. Today I have been invited to two people’s houses at the same time. This means I miss out on birthday cake, but do get Chelsea buns. And there may be birthday cake later when I go round with card and gift.

We’ve had some snow today:


a further picture, and some more church renovation snaps can be found on Flickr as usual.

A small plug for a great cause: Everyone should buy this book.

Although lacking in most lineup info, Greenbelt have some speakers booked.

Right off to eat cake – I’ll be a bit late ness, as I’ve not bought the milk yet, and it’s a bit treacherous out there!

For the curious…

This is what the inside of Pantygwydr church looked like at lunchtime, I happened to be passing with a camera at a point I could sneak in (deaconly perks or something) and figured enough wibloggers would be interested – a few more photos are on Flikr.


Edit – for those who never saw it, Alison has posted a picture of the church just before it got gutted here

It’s going to look great when it’s done, I do agree with you Neil insofar as pews are nice to look at, but they are neither comfortable or wheelchair friendly, so away they go!