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“Here Comes Thursday”…

… is the title of a children’s book I have (shock, horror) never read. It’s on my shelf though, so maybe I’ll read it in a spare moment and let you know what it’s about. Meanwhile, how did it get to Thursday? I’m confused.

Bromyard Folk Festival was excellent, bonkers French women included. Also we didn’t get overly wet, which was a bonus. We got back to more excellent folk news – the line-up at our local folk club.

Also on Monday I finished Midnight’s Children which was good, as we discussed it last night. It was perhaps too ambitious a book to discuss in one hour, but the nibbles were good (mostly).

There’s a mighty wind a-blowin’…

I’m on page 346 of 463 of Midnight’s Children, and really quite into it. My diet of films has kept up its bizarre theme though, we watched this last night, very funny.

The people getting to this page via Google are getting odder by the minute. I’m not entirely surprised to see many Neighbours related searches, but ‘Pam Ayres getting old’? Who knows, it may even have been the good poet herself. Talking of Neighbours (as it has been pointed out, I usually am), it seems that the wonderful Ian Smith (aka Harold Bishop) is to release a Christmas single in a hip-hop style entitled ‘I am not a popstar’. Hmm, I think my adoration of all things Harold may suffer a severe blow if this does come to fruition, we can only hope that it’s a nasty rumour.

This weekend sees Rhys and I heading festival-wards again, this time to Herefordshire. With wonderful co(s)mic timing we were woken to severe thunderstorms this morning, good job we’ve not managed to clean the Greenbelt mud off everything, this weekend looks set to be really gloopy! Will let you know how it went next week, but for now I have some great acts to look forward to along with another rainy Bromyard spent with old friends. Marvellous.

Sitting comfortably?

Not something generally possible on the main site at Greenbelt, but nevertheless, a cracking weekend. Highlights included a quiz show, some poets, a birthday party, some French food, a shower off site, inspiring speakers from Scotland, Oz and Cambridge, some good music, amazing installations and tons of ideas to bring back to church. Oh and some new trousers which now need a wash, thanks to all the mud.

Retuned home to spend some quality time with the tv and dvd player. Having survived 17 Neighbourless days, I was glad to come back to a good episode, some great lines between Susan (just snogged a priest) and Sindi (walked in on them). Also watched Aliens (excellent) and the first 4 episodes of Black Books (also v. good).

It is our church day of prayer today, and also time to clear up from Holiday club and prepare for Sunday School. Really I want to stay in and read Salman Rushdie (finally got to the point of really quite enjoying it) but that’s just me, and anyway, I want to get a start on bringing Greenbelt home…

Midnight at 4am

It seems that Midnight’s Children not only makes more sense after odd films, but also it’s great at 4 am when you can’t sleep. Our reading group discussion could be interesting on this one, enough of us I think will finish it in time, and are enjoying it enough, others couldn’t face beyond page 30.

I’m keeping up the supply of odd films though, Adaptation last night, a definite recommendation, really a landmark film. any film recommendations from out there, please use the comments thread to suggest, and I might even watch them!

Darren Stark is back in Neighbours, very cool, and with another dastardly character set for a return in the next few weeks, Ramsay Street is the place to be.

media roundup.

Salman Rushdie is progressing quite well now, I struck upon the idea of reading it after watching ‘Spirited Away’, given that not many things are more bizarre than that. It worked, the book seemed positively normal. Now I just have to keep a topped up supply of odd films and I’m fine.

Watched ‘The Fisher King’ last night – very disappointing, I was expecting it from the description to be enchanting, instead it was just confusing. Couple of nice cameos from David Hyde Pearce and John De Lancie (although neither would have been well known enough I think at the time?), but not in summary a good film.

We finished watching Cold Feet (having managed to miss all 5 series when they were on tv) on dvd last week. Much better than Friends (and I liked Friends), the British can produce good comedy, they just don’t watch it.


Our neighbours on both sides are away at the moment, as are our neighbours from across the street, had they been away during the last 2 weeks of June, we would have been almost totally neighbourless, as a popular Australian soap was off our screens for that time, due to Wimbledon.

This wiblog however seems a popular place to come for Neighbours spoilers (and having typed that, I suspect it will be more so). I can only point you in the direction of this page, as it’s where all my info comes from.

In other news, Chalky was astute enough to spot that we’ve swapped our internet dvd rental subscription to a different firm – we are finding them better, although the fact that they don’t work weekends is slightly annoying, Chalky (or anyone else that knows us), if you want a free 4 week trial, drop us a line… advert over.

We still have houseguests, building work never keeps to schedule, it’ll be odd not to have them around when they do go now.

Although our reading group is supposed to be reading Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, many of us are finding it hard going, I’m yet to get past the first half-page. Any encouraging comments from people who have finished it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and in other news, my little brother has managed to find a girlfriend with the same name as me, I think he’s finding it odder than I am. (For the record’s sake that name is Emily, not Lemly, in case you were thinking there were two of us out there, when in fact, there are none… that I know of).

Oh, and the teddy bear biscuits turned out wonderfully, thanks Nigella (or can I call you Nige?).