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I was having a discussion with a friend who claims that ‘oblong’ is a mathematical term. I always thought it was what we were told a rectangle was before we were told it was a rectangle.

Off to lunch now – has to be Mexican fries and a milkshake – the big decision being strawberry, raspberry or banana?

Still not packed

and now less than a week to go.

Just dropped in to this blog though to let my fellow ladies who lunch be reassured that we are meeting at 1 at the BdJ.

We’ve got to the stage of packing now, that most of our meals are now planned for outside our house, as we’ve run the pantry down. Friends are just great. We were also provided with a set of bedroom curtains last night at housegroup, Highly useful, as the ones in there at the moment are threadbare, and will be expensive to replace. I sense a trip to Ikea in our near future, it comes to us all. Well, no actually, we go to it, but you get the general sense of the sentiment.

Going to see The Passion of the Christ tomorrow, having read Richard’s review (wibsite front page) the thing I’m most looking forward to is the Harry Potter trailer.

Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?

It seems odd that in order to reaffirm my reality I am resorting to wibbling in cyber-space, but a sighting of the ‘Lesser Spotted Marmite on Toast’ has been an increasingly rare thing of late. It’s also more than just my failure to update since October 2nd as well, let me explain…

… Even some of the entries I have actually written have faded away into nothingness (Check out what’s not there between 22nd May and 12th June if you don’t believe me).

… People have attempted to pin me down and preserve me through links, but alas, I slipped through the net (pun absolutely intended). – Wood, it’s a capital ‘L’ on Lemly ;)

… I’ve already written all of this out once, but it all disappeared when I pressed a wrong button (must stop doing that).

… Most worryingly of all, our lunch dates seem to have ceased to be, until this week that is. Maybe this wiblog is more intrinsicly attached to my lunches in town than I thought.

So, draw your own conclusions, but I tell you I’m fading fast and only a ‘Jack’s Special Salad Bowl’ at 1pm tomorrow might save me. Be there if you can.

Meanwhile, I’ve been quite busy with all the usual stuff (church, folk club, Neighbours…) and have started an art class on Thursday mornings, so this afternoon will be spent trying to draw a bag of flour or something.

I’ve been reading a lot, and recommend ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ and ‘Life of Pi’ to you all, but don’t bother with ‘Shadowmancer’, it’s dull. I’m currently reading ‘The Science of Discworld II’, which is very enjoyable, but quite hard going for bedtime reading.

I’ve started thinking about Christmas already, and have (with Rhys’ help) set up a vote for what carols to sing in our carol service on 21st December. You can vote here… go on, it’ll make my day (yes, I am that shallow).

The major event though has been our neighbours moving to Glasgow. We miss them loads, especially after I picked up the telephone yesterday and a little voice said “Hello Auntie Nemerly, I miss you so much”. They are settling in very well though, and we are working on ways to update Soo’s wiblog, the most likely way at the moment involving Royal Mail. I’m not sure whether this is a really cool way to update a wiblog, or the day technology went ‘boink’, but either way I have the relevant information to be able to update by proxy, after promising not to add any subliminal messages encouraging people to watch Neighbours or something (like I would).

I need something to keep me occupied, perhaps 310 films in November? I’ll think about it. If it happens, expect a large dose of Mr Rickman.

See you for lunch tomorrow then?


Well, I thought I should update, not sure what I’ll write about, but we’ll see…

Cropredy festival was, well, primarily hot. Loved Fairport, Keith Donnelly, Blue Tapestry, Richard Digance, also liked Dennis Locorriere, Lindisfarne and Equation. Special thanks to Cropredy School for the fabulous breakfasts.

Tonight is ‘The Tempest’ in the grounds of Oystermouth castle.plus a picnic with friends. Should be fun.

Then of course, next week is Greenbelt. How fab is that?

Oh, and sorry Tracy, I will make sure to put future lunchdates here! ;)

It’s sunnier today…

…and so is my mood. Sorry if i guilt tripped anyone into updating any parts of the internet yesterday – you know those days when you are sat at your computer and wanting to see something interesting, and everything just stays the same, and it seems like the internet has finally stopped being interesting? Well that was yesterday, but this is today, and as I said, it’s sunnier, so that makes all the difference.

Spent last night learning to play Canasta, which was fun, but had the chance of being more so, had my partner also managed to grasp the point of the game. Never mind, I feel a re-match is in order on Thursday?

In case anyone who normally lunches with me is reading this and expecting to go to lunch sometime this week, please feel free to organise it. I can manage any day except today. Ta.

A taste of things to come…

No time to write up a song this morning, but to let anyone know who has forgotten, lunch is at 12:50 today. I am aware this is the main use of my log, and the 3 hours I spent yesterday will probably generate less comments than this 5 minute entry today. Not that I’m bitter.

PS well done Dave, nice photo!

fantastic, let’s play a song…

…as someone I know once said.

OK, 31 songs in May continues unabashed:

2nd May – What’s the Use of Wings?

What can I tell you about this song? Well, certainly more than the author of that page can. It was written by Brian Bedford of the most excellent accapella close harmony group Artisan, and is probably the best known of the many songs recorded by the group. What would also help is that it has been recorded by others, including Vin Garbutt. Perhaps it’s a little sentimental, I was probably in a sentimental mood when I first heard it, but there is a strong streak of realism throughout the song that saves it from the slush pile.

So, this will be my thought for the day:

If you give your love it’s freedom it may stay a while

If it leaves you it was never yours to own

Yes Jacqui, we are meeting for lunch.