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Right here, right now.


no I’ve not forgotten the disclaimer, this blog was actually finished and posted today, 30th October 2009. In a weird way I feel like I’m writing to you from the future, or my past or something, but it’s good to get direct communication back for a bit before I go and hide back under the cover of scheduled blogging.

There were a few bits that were not connected to IVF that I wanted to comment on, a couple of bits about the IVF blogs that I wanted to clarify, but most of all I wanted to say…


For all of your wonderful comments, prayers, thoughts, suggestions, and so much more. Thank you if you have read the blog and commented elsewhere, or sought me out in person and given me a much needed hug or kind word. One of my main reasons for doing this was if I could be of any help to others then it would make even a failed attempt worth something, I have had one or two comments on the blog and in person that have let me know it is doing just that. Hugs and prayers to those reading my blog for this reason, whether you’ve told me or not. The thing I was not expecting was the huge amount of support we would both get from all of your comments. Know this, we are both very touched and feel wonderfully blessed, your thoughts and prayers are making a huge difference. I know the time lapse means that we will inevitably be at a different stage to the one you are reading about, but God being God can easily understand that, and he is answering your prayers. Thank you.

The time-lapse itself will continue for the foreseeable future, I have scheduled each blog so it appears the correct amount of time after the last, so you will always be reading within the same time frame. So if I have two scans one week apart, you will read about them one week apart. This makes it easier for me to work out where the blog is in relation to me, and hopefully makes it more readable for you.

Unfortunately any time that I have felt the urge to blog in real time since starting the scheduled blogging I have either run out of time from typing up an entry that won’t be read for several weeks, or an entry has posted itself on that day, the way this site works I don’t feel it would be helpful to post two entries in one day from different time periods, so I have kept quiet.

Today though, a little time and a clear day (although the IVF blog is set to get a little busier for a short while from tomorrow). So I can tell you what else is going on in my life…

…Brownies are going as well as ever, I love being Brown Owl, and we have a full unit at the moment. In a cunning ruse we got the older girls to run their own meeting last week, this actually turned out to stress me out far more than if I was running it, but that’s just my control issues! I’ve missed them over half term, and look forward to getting back to them next week.

I had a horrible fever over the weekend, I’m pretty much recovered now, but was shivering under three duvets at one point, with hubby phoning the consultant at the clinic to ask if I could take anything other than paracetamol for it, without threatening the IVF cycle. It knocked me out for about five days, which has all been pretty worrying, but we did get a text from our consultant to say he was thinking of and praying for us. This we never tire of hearing from anyone, but for our consultant to break down that barrier and actually tell us he was praying for us was wonderful to hear.

As if that wasn’t enough going wrong we have had part of our floor dug up this week due to a blocked sewer (nice). It’s mended and clear now, but we still have an impressive hole where the membrane needs to be repaired and the hole in the concrete layer re-filled. Clearing the living room was an extra pain as I was still quite ill, and also banned from lifting anything lest it compromise my IVF cycle. A couple of wonderful friends stepped in to help Rhys while I made vague attempts at directing operations, and moving light things until I realised I should let the physically fit get on with it and went to make them some drinks :)

Anyway, that’s all for now. In summary, I’m fine,and totally appreciating your support.

Thank you


Supposedly tidying…

…but obviously actually blogging. Tidying can wait another few minutes, and besides it’s not like we’ve got an actual guest coming to stay, just the ex-lodger, and she knows exactly what we’re like :)

After last post’s moaning about our camera, and sending back the electrocuting blanket we decided that we’d spend our refunded money on a new camera. It’s a bit more spiffy than the old one, but about half the price (cameras have come down in price, and this one was on sale). I’ve not had a chance to get out properly with it yet, and won’t ’till the weekend, but I’ll post some photos when I do (I’ve just been taking and deleting dull test shots so far).

Brownies tonight, but not in the meeting hall, we’re going out on an adventure – can you guess where?

shiny new laptop

No, I know it’s making no difference to you, but blogging on my new laptop is a wonderfully shiny new experience for me. I’m sitting in the living room, waiting for Neighbours to come on, not holed up the office wondering if I’m missing it (not that I ever actually miss it – that’s what video recorders are for). I’ve been able to check the BBC news site over breakfast (far more civilised than the TV or radio), I’ve yet to surf the net from the garden or bed, but you’ll probably hear when I do!

The good news today is that the damp behind the cupboards in the fairly new kitchen is just condensation. We did have to endure a Michael-Palinesque damp expert waxing lyrical on his ‘why the government is responsible for the nation’s damp problem’ theorem, but on the whole we’re relieved that we’re not about to start ripping out a kitchen we finished fitting less than 2 years ago.

Anyhow, Neighbours is about to start, and violent dad Richard looks set to kill wayward teen Declan, and Toadie’s having a heart attack…

Back to Blighty

Actually we got back on Monday, but it’s been one of those weeks.

Currently waiting for a friend to turn up, he’s told several people he is coming to see me this afternoon, but not me. This is slightly annoying, as I was going to be out this afternoon, but now I have to stay in, because I don’t see him very often and it might be important. (sigh)

I’m not sure whether to alert you to this, but it’s a bit too strange to let it pass by – Maddy Prior is best known as the singer from Steeleye Span, if you’re wondering where you’ve heard of her, she’s also done an album of Wesley songs, and a few Christmas ones. Now she is weirding people out it seems.

We’re having a bathroom fitted at the moment, which is very exciting, but which also means, obviously, we don’t have a bath. Why is it that the point at which you have no bath you feel like having a long soak? Still, lovely bathroom coming up, much better than the peeling damp, grotty peach and cream coloured monstrosity that was.

I’m finding myself really looking forward to Christmas this year, Rhys should be able to get some time off, and we plan to kick back for a bit, maybe watch some of the films and other dvds we keep buying / renting / recording. Mostly though, it will be great to have pretty much all the major work on the house done, and just enjoy it for a bit. Until we decide that we want a door there, and a real fireplace here and here, and new carpets in those rooms, and a re-paint of this bit…

If out, leave at Number 12…

We’re getting our first organic veg. box delivered tomorrow. All very good we hope. Today we had a delivery of tinned stuff, meat and toiletries from Tesco. Every other morning Brian delivers our milk. Our DVDs come through the post, as does quite a lot of other stuff in the way of entertainment thanks to Amazon and other select sites. Do I actually need to go out? Probably not, which is a little scary.

My extra time in the house – and therefore on the internet – has yeilded this great site (not work safe) though. type in a lyric, and it will sing it! It works best with American spellings, and is still a work in progress, but is very cool. Thanks to Claire on Neighboursfans.com for the link.

Off to make some lemon cakes now, and spread the love… or something.

Catch you.

Aah that’s better

I thought of updating a few times, but was blinded by the colour scheme. So away from Bondi beach then (yes we did go there and have a paddle) and back to what looks to be the coldest winter in decades.

My visitor numbers have been doing reasonably well in my absence, thanks to my timely mention of ‘anti alcohol pellets’ as the person they are most readily associated with finally got around to dying.

So Australia was fantastic – may get around to posting up some photos at some point.

In the meantime we’re living in half our house whilst we have a kitchen fitted around the space we had a wall knocked down. We have an oven but no kitchen sink, meaning washing up in the bathroom and cooking mostly in the living room. It will be marvellous, but at the moment it’s a big dusty mess controlled by builders who don’t turn up on time.

Need tea.

Nearly ready…

Most stuff is packed, the wall is pretty much gone (but the floor needs to come up now), and we’re very excited about setting off for Oz tomorrow.

As you can see I’ve changed the name of this blog in honour of our trip, not sure I’ll get a chance to update while I’m out there, but I’ll try.

TimTams here I come!


The correct Rentokil man came about the mushroom, it appears we are fully covered for all work under the insurance. Yay!

And so, without further ado, here is day 7:

What's behind the square window?

If you don’t like the chocolate my suggestion is that you either demonstrate the true spirit of Christmas and buy it for someone that does, or buy a fairtrade bar instead. (Or swap with Nessa.)


that’s the state of our skirting boards apparantly, the mushrooms were a big clue, but the man from Rentokil has confirmed it. Expensive times ahead I fear.

Still, we have some lovely new Ikea furniture, so our CDs are now safely away in a cabinet rather than in the (admittedly aesthetically pleasing) colour co-ordinated spectrum across the mantelpiece. In putting our DVDs and videos in the other cabinet we managed to throw away 2 bin bags worth of videos that we have had for years and never got around to watching. I really ought to continue in this vein for as long as possible, we have an awful lot of junk in this house.

Last week was spent visiting Soo and the bamphires. They’re fine, R and D are growing up fast, D was 3 on Friday, and R starts full days at school next week.

Hmm, really I should visit the charity shop with a couple of bags of stuff that was too good to throw. I’m more used to leaving charity shops with bundles of stuff in my arms, not actually leaving stuff there. It seems to me that there are the type of people that give to charity shops and the type of people that buy from charity shops, and then there’s people like me who reach critical mass and have no other choice but to change tactic. Mercifully, it all helps.