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Right here, right now.


no I’ve not forgotten the disclaimer, this blog was actually finished and posted today, 30th October 2009. In a weird way I feel like I’m writing to you from the future, or my past or something, but it’s good to get direct communication back for a bit before I go and hide back under the cover of scheduled blogging.

There were a few bits that were not connected to IVF that I wanted to comment on, a couple of bits about the IVF blogs that I wanted to clarify, but most of all I wanted to say…


For all of your wonderful comments, prayers, thoughts, suggestions, and so much more. Thank you if you have read the blog and commented elsewhere, or sought me out in person and given me a much needed hug or kind word. One of my main reasons for doing this was if I could be of any help to others then it would make even a failed attempt worth something, I have had one or two comments on the blog and in person that have let me know it is doing just that. Hugs and prayers to those reading my blog for this reason, whether you’ve told me or not. The thing I was not expecting was the huge amount of support we would both get from all of your comments. Know this, we are both very touched and feel wonderfully blessed, your thoughts and prayers are making a huge difference. I know the time lapse means that we will inevitably be at a different stage to the one you are reading about, but God being God can easily understand that, and he is answering your prayers. Thank you.

The time-lapse itself will continue for the foreseeable future, I have scheduled each blog so it appears the correct amount of time after the last, so you will always be reading within the same time frame. So if I have two scans one week apart, you will read about them one week apart. This makes it easier for me to work out where the blog is in relation to me, and hopefully makes it more readable for you.

Unfortunately any time that I have felt the urge to blog in real time since starting the scheduled blogging I have either run out of time from typing up an entry that won’t be read for several weeks, or an entry has posted itself on that day, the way this site works I don’t feel it would be helpful to post two entries in one day from different time periods, so I have kept quiet.

Today though, a little time and a clear day (although the IVF blog is set to get a little busier for a short while from tomorrow). So I can tell you what else is going on in my life…

…Brownies are going as well as ever, I love being Brown Owl, and we have a full unit at the moment. In a cunning ruse we got the older girls to run their own meeting last week, this actually turned out to stress me out far more than if I was running it, but that’s just my control issues! I’ve missed them over half term, and look forward to getting back to them next week.

I had a horrible fever over the weekend, I’m pretty much recovered now, but was shivering under three duvets at one point, with hubby phoning the consultant at the clinic to ask if I could take anything other than paracetamol for it, without threatening the IVF cycle. It knocked me out for about five days, which has all been pretty worrying, but we did get a text from our consultant to say he was thinking of and praying for us. This we never tire of hearing from anyone, but for our consultant to break down that barrier and actually tell us he was praying for us was wonderful to hear.

As if that wasn’t enough going wrong we have had part of our floor dug up this week due to a blocked sewer (nice). It’s mended and clear now, but we still have an impressive hole where the membrane needs to be repaired and the hole in the concrete layer re-filled. Clearing the living room was an extra pain as I was still quite ill, and also banned from lifting anything lest it compromise my IVF cycle. A couple of wonderful friends stepped in to help Rhys while I made vague attempts at directing operations, and moving light things until I realised I should let the physically fit get on with it and went to make them some drinks :)

Anyway, that’s all for now. In summary, I’m fine,and totally appreciating your support.

Thank you


I’m here :)

So despite my blog doing its best to hide from administrators, lose its posts, lose its comments, and as a last ditch attempt put half of my road in a power blackout for half an hour thus losing the internet I AM ACTUALLY HERE!

However it is now gone midnight, so I should not be here.

Goodnight, sleep well



so it’s that time of year again when I write a blog entry purely to let Greenbelt-attending-wibloggers know that I still exist, and will be at the wibmeet.

Not that most of you know who I am by this stage, as this blog has very much fallen by the wayside, but we can always introduce ourselves there.

We’re following our usual plan of getting there the night before to avoid the early morning, so I’ll see you at the TTT / Jesus Arms (my vote’s for the former) on Saturday afternoon :)

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about don’t worry, normal service will be resumed at some unspecified future point.

On bed

So I was minding my own business surfing the internet when Rhys rudely reminded me that I promised to tell my blog readers when I first did so whilst in bed. I pointed out that I was more on the bed than in the bed, but he wasn’t convinced. Anyway, while I’m typing I may as well wish you a happy and tea filled 2008. No resolutions from here, they only come back to bite on one’s rear end when least expected.

decisions decisions…

I’m currently trying, and indeed managing to lose weight. When doing such a thing it is important to have goals. And to reward oneself when those goals are reached. Without putting too many figures out there, I have reached the half way stage to my goal weight loss. This would appear to be a good time to reward myself. I had thought for a while that getting my hair cut nicely would be a good reward for this stage. There are many reasons that this is a good idea:

– It is not a food related reward, so wouldn’t put me back 3 weeks on my diet.
– My hair is really long, in the way and needs cutting
– Shorter hair would be far easier to mange
– Shorter hair would probably look nicer

… and not forgetting of course that hair’s got to weigh something, so losing some would actually bring me nearer to my goal weight!

Unfortunately there are also many counter arguments:
– I hate going to the hairdressers, it’s almost a phobia.
– My hair can look very nice when I do something with it.
– Rhys likes it better long
– They might not make a good job of it
– I’ve spent years growing it this long (OK mostly because I hate going to the hairdressers…)

So, should I get it cut? I make no promises to abide by any decision made in the comments box, but would appreciate your views (or suggestions for an alternative reward).

The reward I’m giving myself when I reach my goal weight by the way is decided and unchanging. Nintendo DS lite. In silver.

hello there

thought I’d better re-introduce myself to people before Greenbelt, and perhaps remind them I exist. Been a bit far away from Wib-land recently, but if you’re at the wib-meet on Sunday at Greenbelt, I’ll see you there and we can catch up then – if not I’m sure we’ll catch up at some other point.
Greenbelt review may be forthcoming after a week or so.


Just bemoaning the fact that my favourite internet sites are not being updated frequently enough, so thought I’d stop calling the kettle black (especially as our kettle is a rather fetching shade of silver) and get on with updating my own bit of the web.

I have had an excuse for not updating in the past month, I’ve had flu and various other illnesses to numerous to go into, but hopefully out of the way now. This has not been the best welcome for our new lodger, but she seems to have settled in OK to the Lemly and Rhys way of doing things.

Oh my, Minn has a wiblog – about time too really, I miss my regular dose of stream of Minnieconciousness, and it’s not really suffering from being in blog form, hurrah!

Went to see a fantastic Richard Thompson gig at the weekend, 2 hours drive away, but well, well worth it, as good as it gets. (I should perhaps point out for some international readers of this blog that 2 hours drive away for a concert in mainland Britain is a really long way, as I am aware that’s the sort of distance you go for a pint of milk in Australia (or something)).

Otherwise life has been pretty hectic for the past couple of weeks, our youthworker has croup, meaning I’ve been far more responsible for a lot of the little darlings than I usually am, also some good friends added to the number of little darlings last week – currently known as “boy” at a week old I hope he gets a name soon…

Has anyone got any ideas on the Guardian quick crossword by the way, I’m a bit stuck?

From Lemly, wherever you may find her…

Right, so it’s nearly 2 months since I updated, there are many many things I could have commented on, told you about, etc etc. But I didn’t. It’s not that I’ve been busy or ill or for any particular reason, and sorry if I stopped communicating for a while. It’s all my fault, no-one offended me, you don’t smell (not from here anyway), I just stopped writing.

I would say that I’m aiming to update regularly from now on, and I am, but I said that a while back, several times. I do write in here more often than my diary, so that’s something (something else I don’t do, but something).

So in the last 2 months I’ve been to the hen night and wedding of a good friend, a half birthday party, a 30th birthday party, a 29th birthday party, a 27th birthday party, a folk festival, a bloggy meeting, several beaches, and lots of other far less linkable places.

I’ve read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Muddle Earth, The Dark is Rising and half of The Wee Free Men.

I’ve also seen several films. Very excitingly I’m going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a couple of hours – I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Random update

It’s got to the stage I needed something really worthwhile to update about, and in world of Lemly I’ve got it, but it’s probably best just to forget that I’ve only posted 7 times since February and treat this as right back to normal for Marmite on Toast.

Anyway, something tells me I’ve been part of something quite big recently. If you scroll down this page to the rather girly Jan 10th entry, you’ll see that earlier this year I managed to meet up with the wonderful Alan Fletcher / Fletch / Neighbours’ Dr Karl Kennedy after a panto performance in Malvern. Well, as it happens Fletch is back in the UK touring with his band, so a gang of us from NeighboursFans.com decided to meet up in Sheffield and see him. Suffice to say that it was a good job we’d told him we’d be there and got our names down on the list, as 2000 people turned up. It was a great night, and I got my CD signed, but no Lemly and Fletch photo this time, as there were just too many people there. So, that was the band’s warm up night, and the tour has been sell out/ oversubscribed on all other nights. No surprise then, apart from to herself that when Jo Whiley asked her listeners what rocked/sucked during their week last Friday, hundreds of students texted in saying that Fletch rocked! So he’s in the Live Lounge today at 11 am. Very cool, go Fletch!

Will update properly later… maybe.