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Scan #2, better news

*Disclaimer – this post was not written this morning, I am deliberately posting these entries on different dates so that I can be fully open about this IVF stuff without people knowing exactly what is happening when. It’s a self preservation thing, with all of the injected hormones I become a bit of an emotional wreck, and am saving myself the pressure of people curious to know outcomes before I’m ready to tell.

Second scan yesterday. In my previous two IVF cycles I have had to go in for scans every couple of days for about a week and a half. These are basically to establish how many eggs are developing, how many are of a good size, and therefore when would be a good time to commence the procedure proper.

This time round, however looks like a better deal, it’s looking like I will only need one more scan tomorrow, and then we can start getting on with the next step pretty much straight away.

I have at least 8 good sized eggs (some other smaller ones may develop quickly enough to be usable too), which is really good at this stage, the new drugs must be working well, which is a relief as I’d half convinced myself I was doing something wrong with them, that then was the usual paranoia.

Problem is now I’m freaking out, and I’m not really sure why. It could be because things are happening differently this time, I’m in a pretty high emotional state and any change to what I expect is not generally met with any grace at the moment. But this is a good development, I can see that, I think it’s actually hitting a nerve because it’s going well…

…I’m expecting this not to work. It’s mostly a self protection thing, I’m putting myself on the side of the statistics, on the side of experience, and on the side where it will hurt least either way when we do the pregnancy test at the end of this. This works well for most of the time, until something like this comes along to challenge that, until something gives me hope. And hope is not something I’m comfortable with at the moment.

Last year at Greenbelt Festival I was in the Christian bookshop and saw a mug with one word on it ‘Trust’. That one word seemed to sum up a lot of what I was getting out of the festival, and quite out of character, I bought the mug. This year at Greenbelt I found myself in the same part of the same store, and there was another mug with one word on it. ‘Hope’. I felt quite a big reaction against it, decided it was not for me and put it back. Later that day I went back and bought it, for I am nothing if not contrary. I use both mugs, but given a choice I will go for the one that says ‘Trust’.¬† Hope at the moment is too much of a hornet’s nest.

The relaxed summer

Thank you for all of your comments on the last couple of blogs, and yes, I’m taking your advice and having¬† a lovely long relaxed summer. We managed to go to France with one wiblogger, and catch up with another one while we were there. It was a fantastic break, just all too short, so we’re making plans for next year!

Unfortunately I managed to come back from the holiday having done something painful to my coccyx on the longest bumpy slide in France. It’s mostly better now, but did involve sitting on a special cushion for a fortnight!

We celebrated our first decade of marriage in style with a nights stay at the most exclusive hotel we could find in the area, cost an arm and a leg, but worth it completely. We’ve agreed when we’ve made our 20th anniversary we’ll go back for the weekend :)

We also had a great party the day after, although a word of advice – table confetti gets everywhere!

Then Greenbelt, where I caught up with some other wibloggers, far too briefly in many cases. I thoroughly enjoyed it this year, managed to avoid queueing excessively and in that way got to some of the more interesting, offbeat things. There are plenty of talks I missed, but that means that Greenbelt can last a little longer as I download the podcasts. We finally caved in to becoming Angels this year, something we’ve been wondering about for a while.

Last weekend I went to Manchester for the very first time to meet up with a few friends, it’s actually a really lovely city, and I plan to go back again.

About half an hour after my train got in I went along to the Girlguiding Centenary Launch Party which was a great afternoon, it did involve supervising 15 of our Brownies in the new Leisure Centre swimming pool for nearly an hour, but everything went to plan, and we all really enjoyed it. My Brownie unit is now full with a waiting list, which makes it slightly exhausting at times, but great fun.

Tomorrow we’re going to make the most of the sunshine and head out to the park with kites and spacehoppers and anything else that we can find. So the summer continues, and long may it do so!


so it’s that time of year again when I write a blog entry purely to let Greenbelt-attending-wibloggers know that I still exist, and will be at the wibmeet.

Not that most of you know who I am by this stage, as this blog has very much fallen by the wayside, but we can always introduce ourselves there.

We’re following our usual plan of getting there the night before to avoid the early morning, so I’ll see you at the TTT / Jesus Arms (my vote’s for the former) on Saturday afternoon :)

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about don’t worry, normal service will be resumed at some unspecified future point.

Greenbelt listings…

according to this blog they’d revealed at least some of the speakers a month ago this time last year. This year nothing.

This is my latest five minute project, and is being put to use as I write – answers on a postcard please:

So why the sudden return to blogging? A couple at church last night told me that they had been reading this thing, and so I thought I should make an effort :)

or so…

… Greenbelt was good, Excellent company – rather lacking in Jane-ness, but she’s coming next year, so that’s OK. Too many things on at the same time, but there’s always the MP3s that I’ve not bought yet. Billy Bragg was excellent, Chas and Dave were disappointing. Didn’t go to any really bad talks, and actually managed some worship stuff. Did my back in on the bouncy obstacle course, bought a lovely Fair Trade duvet cover, and a very lovely skirt and a gorgeous little bible that is pretty and strokable and small, and everything I wanted from a Bible, so I shall now not covet my neighbour’s scriptures in Sunday services.

Brownies is going really well so far, I even know all their names, and (more importantly) which ones not to put together. I have a smart rugby shirt type uniform, with an official badge tab and not very official M&S jeans. I get to renew my promise at the end of this month, it’s all great. Shouldn’t try and do handstands though, even to encourage reluctant Brownies to work towards their agility badges. I never could do one, so what posessed me to try for the first time in about 20 years, I have no idea. The bruise is healing up though.

Driving is also going well, car still has the same number of dents as before I started driving it which is always a good indication!

Basically everything’s pretty good, I’m not feeling great, but that might be because the weather’s getting worse and I’m getting over a cold. I should be feeling good – Brownie obstacle course tomorrow, hooraay!

hello there

thought I’d better re-introduce myself to people before Greenbelt, and perhaps remind them I exist. Been a bit far away from Wib-land recently, but if you’re at the wib-meet on Sunday at Greenbelt, I’ll see you there and we can catch up then – if not I’m sure we’ll catch up at some other point.
Greenbelt review may be forthcoming after a week or so.


I don’t often get invited to someone’s house for tea and cake. Today I have been invited to two people’s houses at the same time. This means I miss out on birthday cake, but do get Chelsea buns. And there may be birthday cake later when I go round with card and gift.

We’ve had some snow today:


a further picture, and some more church renovation snaps can be found on Flickr as usual.

A small plug for a great cause: Everyone should buy this book.

Although lacking in most lineup info, Greenbelt have some speakers booked.

Right off to eat cake – I’ll be a bit late ness, as I’ve not bought the milk yet, and it’s a bit treacherous out there!


Thanks Sarah for the idea of Flikring 2006, and also for the great cartoon strip :)

I have blogged less than Sarah this year, but think it would be nice anyway to show off a few photos:

Saw a Cyberman:
Cyberman at Swansea Waterfront Museum

Our holiday in Mid Wales, where we saw baby peacocks:

Holiday Cottage

Peahen and chicks

Greenbelt 2006

Pittsburgh and playing with helium and oxygen inflated pillows at the Andy Warhol Museum:

Andy Warhol Museum

We did lots more too, but we didn’t always have a camera, or get a great shot of it, I’ll try and be better and blog more coherently this year.


Sorry for the lack of blogging recently – I’ve been holding together (with the help of many people, especially the artful lodger) our church’s annual Holiday Bible Club, after the youth and children’s worker managed to do her neck in very very badly. The week went quite swimmingly well really, considering this big set-back, and it was great that the church pulled together in such a way that we all know we can, but so rarely do.

In the middle of all this was, of course, Greenbelt – being a bit stressed about everything, I didn’t get really into ‘Greenbelt mode’ until about 11am on Monday – not entirely helpful, as we left the site at about 6:30 that evening, but better than not managing to relax into the festivities for the whole weekend.

People that made me laugh – Jude Simpson, The Ukuleles, Gerald Ambulance, Pete Ryder at Late Night Twist, Martyn Joseph singing ‘Dolphins Make Me Cry’ to the tune of ‘Is This the Way to Amarillo’ at the comedy quiz, Rhys bending his glasses out of shape on a bouncy castle, t&e and FW losing their tent poles, and many many other little things people said and did

People that made me think – John Bell, the Fair Trade panel discussion, Doug Gay, Jonny Baker, and again, there were a lot of great conversations through the weekend that have sowed seeds in my brain that will germinate into proper thoughts later.

Top point of the weekend was a piece of fair trade chocolate brownie, straight from the oven, and with a small square of chocolate inserted into its centre. Lowest point – probably the shower queue.

Can’t wait ’till next year.

WISE and well

First of all a huge apology to Semele, my WISE buddy, I got my parcel last week, but was very ill with flu, so didn’t post the MASSIVE THANK YOU it deserved. It really cheered me up, and to demonstrate this effect, I have posted a photo of the new improved and better me with the book:


The book, for the uninitiated is about a sheep who can’t sleep, and is fantastic.

I thought I’d better blog to keep up with the hubby anyway. I like his blog.

Not much to tell in other news really – I passed my driving theory test (again) yesterday, maybe I’ll manage the practical one of these days. See some of you at Greenbelt – that’s quite exciting!