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great game

You’ll need sound for this, and I’m not sure what it’s like on a dial-up connection, but this is the cool game of the day for me, type in the name of practically any artist to get a 10 round music quiz based on their recordings – cool or what? (I did best on Kylie, although I reckon the Richard Thompson one was a little obscure)

(edit: remembered to add that I got the link off of the Neighbours forum general chat boards, where I have spent much of the day discussing the wonderful Alan Fletcher)

And breathe…

Yesterday I took the Christmas decorations down and put them in the boxes for another year. It was a good day to take them down, as if they were left up for much longer I would begin to resent them being there in the first place.

Just the very exciting panto to go now, and the festive season will truly be over for another year. Except that ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ came through the post this morning courtesy of our dvd rental service. I guess it was very popular before Christmas and we drew the short straw and had to wait ’till January.

Here’s a game to keep you amused, if the link works. Can’t get past level 5 personally, but there you are.

Amusing Searches

What sort of person types ‘woodworm in fridge’ into Google?
I’m number 6 hit, and I’m fairly well acquainted with the number one entry as well.
I hope they found what they we looking for, although I’m probably going to be less helpful to the next punter by describing the search terms.

Forgive me, I was up very late last night completing my art class portfolio, and have spent the morning drawing the Moondial.

For those of you of a not-easily-offended nature, might I point you in the direction of this game? I can’t get past level 5 myself, keep blasting angels by mistake.

Catching fairies

… No, I am, the latest Harry Potter video game is proving much more entertaining than the last, I need to get some fairy wings though, which seems more than a little intolerant of magical creatures.

Our reading group has chosen Vikram Seth’s ‘An Equal Music’ to read this month, very enjoyable, and interesting to get the perspective of the violinist rather than the violist… is that a word?

Neighbours today managed a very understated comeback, as Sky Mangel was reading through her late mother Kerry’s diary, Kerry’s voice took over… that of the actress that had originally played her. It’s not often that the Aussie soaps manage to be subtler than the British ones, but if the BBC had tried this approach, we’d have certainly been spared ‘Dirty Den, the comeback years’.

“Sin, one small word, eternal consequences” [Mrs Ormerod ‘Anita and Me’]

I have a youthgroup 10 minute Bible study to lead tonight on the topic of sin. Any ideas?

Can’t get the Playstation to work, and that’s next weeks youthgroup activity.

Last night’s folk club was a bit of an auditory detox after a day of music (how can I say this…) not to my taste in church. The evening also brought us the very sad news of the death of a great local christian/folk singer-songwriter on Good Friday. He was definitely one of the good guys. Rest in peace Tony.

Can you pass 3rd Grade?

I would argue that as an England-educated person, I’m at a slight disadvantage, but after some slight practice (no, I’m not telling you how much) I can pass this test. Thanks to Lori, via Caren via the wibsite front page for that one.

Due to the number of readers of this blog looking for pictures of Marmite, I did the decent thing and took a photo of some Marmite, however before I could upload the image onto the computer, Rhys wandered off with the digital camera, if you are looking for such a picture, rest assured it will be here within the week. Unless we’re moving next week (vaguely likely), in which case it may have to wait a while.