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WISE clue time

Eep, I was going to post some more clues while my WISE package was getting to its destination so the recipient had half a chance of guessing who it was from.

Better late than never.

  1. I have met this person
  2. The fact that I’m posting in a rush now is probably the biggest clue
  3. I’m hoping this person has a place to hang some ornaments this Christmas.

See you later.


Many many many thanks to Farli, your wonderfully WISE gift arrived this morning. A-perfect-for-my-Christmas-colour-scheme Christmas stocking knitted (and I’m in awe of anyone who can knit a square never mind something as intricate as this) to an Estonian pattern, filled with a not-quite-but-better-than* chocolate orange and accompanied by a card:

stocking, card and chocolate

<– This is supposed to be a better picture to show the details. It does have the whole stocking in, but it appears to be fuzzier. While it’s true to say I’m getting very fed up with my camera, in this case it’s my photography / editing skills. Sorry.

Looking back at a past Farli project, I’m given to wonder if it’s the same wool used for Rusk’s hoodie?


* Chocolate Orange Divine bar, better because it’s fairly traded chocolate, fits in the stocking, and fits through my letter box!

It’s Chriiiistmaaaas!

As I walked up to the front doors of our local-ish massive supermarket yesterday, I was slightly bewildered to find that the space to the left of the entrance to which I was automatically heading in order to pick up a trolley actually contained none. The initial dilemma was soon sorted out – there were some spare trolleys to the right of the entrance, but then I looked more closely at what was being displayed in the former trolley space. Yes, you’ve guessed – trees and decorations. As I pushed my displaced trolley and self into the store I noticed that the “Automatic-Barriers-That-Let-Shoppers-In-But-Not-Out-Again” (TM) were emblazoned with the words ‘Merry Christmas’. Add to this that the major display space at the front of the store was stacked with Christmas items, and that mince pies have been in stock for weeks (best before next Tuesday).

So, this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun… If you had any plans to achieve anything before the end of 2008, abandon all hope. Christmas is here and your time must be spent buying food, writing cards, buying presents, decorating the house, buying wine, organising parties, buying a new fancy outfit and singing carols.

But hurry, the fleeting Christmas spirit never lasts long, after a few days of this you’ll be hankering for your normal life back again, wanting to avoid the rich food and increasing overdraft, by my reckoning we’ve got until about November 24th to fit our celebrations in before it all just gets a bit too much. 2009 will have to start early on 25th November, update your calenders now – or even better go and buy new ones while the real spending spirit of Christmas is still with us.

Have a good one


Back to Blighty

Actually we got back on Monday, but it’s been one of those weeks.

Currently waiting for a friend to turn up, he’s told several people he is coming to see me this afternoon, but not me. This is slightly annoying, as I was going to be out this afternoon, but now I have to stay in, because I don’t see him very often and it might be important. (sigh)

I’m not sure whether to alert you to this, but it’s a bit too strange to let it pass by – Maddy Prior is best known as the singer from Steeleye Span, if you’re wondering where you’ve heard of her, she’s also done an album of Wesley songs, and a few Christmas ones. Now she is weirding people out it seems.

We’re having a bathroom fitted at the moment, which is very exciting, but which also means, obviously, we don’t have a bath. Why is it that the point at which you have no bath you feel like having a long soak? Still, lovely bathroom coming up, much better than the peeling damp, grotty peach and cream coloured monstrosity that was.

I’m finding myself really looking forward to Christmas this year, Rhys should be able to get some time off, and we plan to kick back for a bit, maybe watch some of the films and other dvds we keep buying / renting / recording. Mostly though, it will be great to have pretty much all the major work on the house done, and just enjoy it for a bit. Until we decide that we want a door there, and a real fireplace here and here, and new carpets in those rooms, and a re-paint of this bit…

And breathe…

Yesterday I took the Christmas decorations down and put them in the boxes for another year. It was a good day to take them down, as if they were left up for much longer I would begin to resent them being there in the first place.

Just the very exciting panto to go now, and the festive season will truly be over for another year. Except that ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ came through the post this morning courtesy of our dvd rental service. I guess it was very popular before Christmas and we drew the short straw and had to wait ’till January.

Here’s a game to keep you amused, if the link works. Can’t get past level 5 personally, but there you are.

Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year have been survived, our house is decorated with many calendars (including the advent calendar, which will be taken down with the rest of the decorations). I now have a cold and am feeling generally grotty, but nevertheless hopeful of the prospects a new year brings (especially those of seeing Neighbours’ one and only Dr Karl Kennedy in panto next week).

Oh, and yes it was me that took the photo of Benjamin and Alice on the front page of the Wibsite – gorgeous isn’t he?

Happy Christmas!

Yeah, I know it’s a day early, but I’m now out in the wilds of the East Midlands where internet is achieved by a process beginning with rubbing 2 sticks together and tying some tin cans together with string… well ok, not quite that bad, but I’ve been spoilt by broadband. Anyway, I’ll leave you with day 24, and catch you on the other side of the festivities. Have a good one xxx

What's behind the square window?

Eve Eve

Getting excited now, have seen my (wrapped up) presents, and have wrapped everyone else’s. Want to play. Unfortunately a 5 (at least) hour car journey stands between me and Xmas, pass the fruit drops…

J – it was Joe’s, why what other ice cream parlours are on my way home? Also our friendly local greengrocer appears to have ceased trading :( – back to Spar then?

Here’s day 23:

What's behind the square window?