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Many many many thanks to Farli, your wonderfully WISE gift arrived this morning. A-perfect-for-my-Christmas-colour-scheme Christmas stocking knitted (and I’m in awe of anyone who can knit a square never mind something as intricate as this) to an Estonian pattern, filled with a not-quite-but-better-than* chocolate orange and accompanied by a card:

stocking, card and chocolate

<– This is supposed to be a better picture to show the details. It does have the whole stocking in, but it appears to be fuzzier. While it’s true to say I’m getting very fed up with my camera, in this case it’s my photography / editing skills. Sorry.

Looking back at a past Farli project, I’m given to wonder if it’s the same wool used for Rusk’s hoodie?


* Chocolate Orange Divine bar, better because it’s fairly traded chocolate, fits in the stocking, and fits through my letter box!


The correct Rentokil man came about the mushroom, it appears we are fully covered for all work under the insurance. Yay!

And so, without further ado, here is day 7:

What's behind the square window?

If you don’t like the chocolate my suggestion is that you either demonstrate the true spirit of Christmas and buy it for someone that does, or buy a fairtrade bar instead. (Or swap with Nessa.)

Still excited

Martin Carthy: Did you enjoy the gig last night?

Lemly: Yes, it was fab, there were 4 other wibloggers there too, so you should get some more good reviews soon. It was great to hear that Swarb’s out of hostiple too. And as a thank you for signing my CD last night, I will honour you with a (slightly squashed) guest appearence on my advent calendar!

Martin: Thank you! I hope you’ve found some Aussie Chocolate for Deeleeea?

Lemly: Actually, I did a little web-based research and found that chocolate wrappers are remarkably similar down-under, so she should normally be fine. Not sure about the Fair Trade ones though, and yesterdays was. Answers will be posted here before the end of December, so you can catch up on any you missed before the January diet! And so, without further ado, here is day 6:

What's behind the square window?


I think too much has happened to allow a full update at this point. We’re working on settling in to the new house. We’ve had visitors for the past week one of whom updated her wiblog from our house before we did!

Currently I’m preparing a drama sketch for a deacon’s meeting devotional session, and have borrowed a kid’s cash register from a friend, just need to find a calendar – probably the wibsite one.

Easter was good – lots of chocolate and hot cross buns, and we saw Shaun of the Dead (cool) and attempted to bury Rhys on the beach, and drank lots and lots of tea (no change there then).

And now we have a whole new life in our new place to look forward to. It’s raining, but that’s Swansea.