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Right here, right now.


no I’ve not forgotten the disclaimer, this blog was actually finished and posted today, 30th October 2009. In a weird way I feel like I’m writing to you from the future, or my past or something, but it’s good to get direct communication back for a bit before I go and hide back under the cover of scheduled blogging.

There were a few bits that were not connected to IVF that I wanted to comment on, a couple of bits about the IVF blogs that I wanted to clarify, but most of all I wanted to say…


For all of your wonderful comments, prayers, thoughts, suggestions, and so much more. Thank you if you have read the blog and commented elsewhere, or sought me out in person and given me a much needed hug or kind word. One of my main reasons for doing this was if I could be of any help to others then it would make even a failed attempt worth something, I have had one or two comments on the blog and in person that have let me know it is doing just that. Hugs and prayers to those reading my blog for this reason, whether you’ve told me or not. The thing I was not expecting was the huge amount of support we would both get from all of your comments. Know this, we are both very touched and feel wonderfully blessed, your thoughts and prayers are making a huge difference. I know the time lapse means that we will inevitably be at a different stage to the one you are reading about, but God being God can easily understand that, and he is answering your prayers. Thank you.

The time-lapse itself will continue for the foreseeable future, I have scheduled each blog so it appears the correct amount of time after the last, so you will always be reading within the same time frame. So if I have two scans one week apart, you will read about them one week apart. This makes it easier for me to work out where the blog is in relation to me, and hopefully makes it more readable for you.

Unfortunately any time that I have felt the urge to blog in real time since starting the scheduled blogging I have either run out of time from typing up an entry that won’t be read for several weeks, or an entry has posted itself on that day, the way this site works I don’t feel it would be helpful to post two entries in one day from different time periods, so I have kept quiet.

Today though, a little time and a clear day (although the IVF blog is set to get a little busier for a short while from tomorrow). So I can tell you what else is going on in my life…

…Brownies are going as well as ever, I love being Brown Owl, and we have a full unit at the moment. In a cunning ruse we got the older girls to run their own meeting last week, this actually turned out to stress me out far more than if I was running it, but that’s just my control issues! I’ve missed them over half term, and look forward to getting back to them next week.

I had a horrible fever over the weekend, I’m pretty much recovered now, but was shivering under three duvets at one point, with hubby phoning the consultant at the clinic to ask if I could take anything other than paracetamol for it, without threatening the IVF cycle. It knocked me out for about five days, which has all been pretty worrying, but we did get a text from our consultant to say he was thinking of and praying for us. This we never tire of hearing from anyone, but for our consultant to break down that barrier and actually tell us he was praying for us was wonderful to hear.

As if that wasn’t enough going wrong we have had part of our floor dug up this week due to a blocked sewer (nice). It’s mended and clear now, but we still have an impressive hole where the membrane needs to be repaired and the hole in the concrete layer re-filled. Clearing the living room was an extra pain as I was still quite ill, and also banned from lifting anything lest it compromise my IVF cycle. A couple of wonderful friends stepped in to help Rhys while I made vague attempts at directing operations, and moving light things until I realised I should let the physically fit get on with it and went to make them some drinks :)

Anyway, that’s all for now. In summary, I’m fine,and totally appreciating your support.

Thank you


The relaxed summer

Thank you for all of your comments on the last couple of blogs, and yes, I’m taking your advice and havingĀ  a lovely long relaxed summer. We managed to go to France with one wiblogger, and catch up with another one while we were there. It was a fantastic break, just all too short, so we’re making plans for next year!

Unfortunately I managed to come back from the holiday having done something painful to my coccyx on the longest bumpy slide in France. It’s mostly better now, but did involve sitting on a special cushion for a fortnight!

We celebrated our first decade of marriage in style with a nights stay at the most exclusive hotel we could find in the area, cost an arm and a leg, but worth it completely. We’ve agreed when we’ve made our 20th anniversary we’ll go back for the weekend :)

We also had a great party the day after, although a word of advice – table confetti gets everywhere!

Then Greenbelt, where I caught up with some other wibloggers, far too briefly in many cases. I thoroughly enjoyed it this year, managed to avoid queueing excessively and in that way got to some of the more interesting, offbeat things. There are plenty of talks I missed, but that means that Greenbelt can last a little longer as I download the podcasts. We finally caved in to becoming Angels this year, something we’ve been wondering about for a while.

Last weekend I went to Manchester for the very first time to meet up with a few friends, it’s actually a really lovely city, and I plan to go back again.

About half an hour after my train got in I went along to the Girlguiding Centenary Launch Party which was a great afternoon, it did involve supervising 15 of our Brownies in the new Leisure Centre swimming pool for nearly an hour, but everything went to plan, and we all really enjoyed it. My Brownie unit is now full with a waiting list, which makes it slightly exhausting at times, but great fun.

Tomorrow we’re going to make the most of the sunshine and head out to the park with kites and spacehoppers and anything else that we can find. So the summer continues, and long may it do so!

Supposedly tidying…

…but obviously actually blogging. Tidying can wait another few minutes, and besides it’s not like we’ve got an actual guest coming to stay, just the ex-lodger, and she knows exactly what we’re like :)

After last post’s moaning about our camera, and sending back the electrocuting blanket we decided that we’d spend our refunded money on a new camera. It’s a bit more spiffy than the old one, but about half the price (cameras have come down in price, and this one was on sale). I’ve not had a chance to get out properly with it yet, and won’t ’till the weekend, but I’ll post some photos when I do (I’ve just been taking and deleting dull test shots so far).

Brownies tonight, but not in the meeting hall, we’re going out on an adventure – can you guess where?

Tagging along

Yes, these new wiblogs are fantastic for procrastination aren’t they. I’m still thinking what to do for most of my categories, but tagging is great fun, especially as Jack pointed out in the comments with the tag-cloud.

I’m sat in waiting for someone to pick up the electrocuting blanket, in 30 minutes they’ll be officially late, but typically I’ve been waiting since 9am. hopefully they’ll make it in time, because I want to get my WISE parcel in the post on time, given it’s going outside of the UK. Going to the post office would take very little time, but that would be the exact window in which they’d show up.

The Brownies did very well in their inspection last night, only one not in uniform (although there were only eight of them there due to a temporally displaced Halloween disco at the local school). We also had a fire drill, covered books, had a story and a game and talked about or favourite books and authors. Jacqueline Wilson and Humphrey the Hamster scoring very highly on the appreciation index.


I have to stop editing tags for today – it’s far too addictive, and also therapeutic to go through my blogging history of the past (nearly) six years, but other thigs need doing.

In reference to the title I had a very worrying experience last night, my new (and soon to be sent back) electric blanket was passing a charge through me so that when I touched Rhys’ arm there was a definite crakly sensation. Needless to say it was unplugged soon after, and I’ll just go back to bedsocks and a hot water bottle from now on.

Brownies start their booklovers badges tonight. There is also going to be a spot inspection, so I need to make sure I’m tidy enough not to be a hypocrite!


thanks to all my rent-a-groupies, the cheques are in the post :)

Tonight I make my promise as a Brownie leader. I would say renew my promise, but the words have changed since last time. I preferred the old one I think, but the new one is growing on me. For the uninitiated we now say “Love my God” where as we used to say “Do my duty to God”. Whole theological debate around that one I think.

or so…

… Greenbelt was good, Excellent company – rather lacking in Jane-ness, but she’s coming next year, so that’s OK. Too many things on at the same time, but there’s always the MP3s that I’ve not bought yet. Billy Bragg was excellent, Chas and Dave were disappointing. Didn’t go to any really bad talks, and actually managed some worship stuff. Did my back in on the bouncy obstacle course, bought a lovely Fair Trade duvet cover, and a very lovely skirt and a gorgeous little bible that is pretty and strokable and small, and everything I wanted from a Bible, so I shall now not covet my neighbour’s scriptures in Sunday services.

Brownies is going really well so far, I even know all their names, and (more importantly) which ones not to put together. I have a smart rugby shirt type uniform, with an official badge tab and not very official M&S jeans. I get to renew my promise at the end of this month, it’s all great. Shouldn’t try and do handstands though, even to encourage reluctant Brownies to work towards their agility badges. I never could do one, so what posessed me to try for the first time in about 20 years, I have no idea. The bruise is healing up though.

Driving is also going well, car still has the same number of dents as before I started driving it which is always a good indication!

Basically everything’s pretty good, I’m not feeling great, but that might be because the weather’s getting worse and I’m getting over a cold. I should be feeling good – Brownie obstacle course tomorrow, hooraay!

Twit (T)Who

[yes I did manage to post this and delete it 3 minutes later, if you were wondering]

Our ‘artful lodger’ is being (hopefully not Miss-)Guided to the second best city in England. She will be very much missed in this house and lots of other places too. Who else will be on hand to help make gluten and dairy free Jaffa Cakes (yes, one of us will blog the photos soon) and any number of other, often doomed projects?

Our local Brownie pack however seemed less bothered by any of this than the fact that they have just lost one Brown Owl, and are now set to lose another before she’s even qualified…

Which seems to be where I come in, I have been semi-regularly attending meetings under the name of ‘Mushroom’ (all Brownie leaders have silly names, I decided to trump them) for the past term, as an extra pair of hands. Whereas I expected it to be just one of those things I do now and again, I have found myself quite enjoying it. So, (perhaps rashly, but I’m not convinced there is ever another option) I have made the decision to train up to become Brown Owl.

Quite a lot has changed since I made my Brownie promise to do my best and do my duty to God, not least the words of that promise. The uniform has changed beyond recognition, as have many of the badges. But it fundamentally remains the same. Soon I will renew my promise and get a new uniform (I’m more than slightly annoyed that the Guide association deem me too old for an official hoody), but for tonight I just need to dig out my old Ranger Guide badge tab, and dust off my promise badge as we are all set for a gardening evening.

Further adventures of Mushroom the Brownie leader will no doubt appear in this space, as I try to recall where one sticks a flag pole and which end is which on a double-twisted sheep bend, but for now, learning their names is my first big Brownie Challenge in over twenty years, wish me luck!