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I’m feeling very old, not so much the fact that I’m 30 tomorrow, but that combined with the fact that Ronan Keating is 29 today.

So, time for a new game I think. Zen Tagging.

below are my answers to some questions I’m going to make up as I go along.

When I have got bored finished answering these questions I am going to tag some people. This is where the true art of Zen Tagging comes in, you should know if I’ve tagged you. You can then proceed to your own blog and answer the same questions, not forgetting of course to see if you can master the art of Zen Tagging your own friends.

A word of warning – don’t tag people without blogs, with normal memes this just results in a bit of confusion and no answers, we don’t want to be responsible for upsetting any strange psychic forces holding the universe together do we?

My Answers

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Truly Madly Deeply
Harry Potter and the… etc
Close My Eyes
Galaxy Quest

Howl’s Moving Castle
Behind The Scenes at the Museum
Orynx and Crake



Sausage, bacon, fried egg and tomato ketchup.

May 1st
March 4th
August 21st



Thomas Hardy
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Cruella De Ville


And I tag…

From Lemly, wherever you may find her…

Right, so it’s nearly 2 months since I updated, there are many many things I could have commented on, told you about, etc etc. But I didn’t. It’s not that I’ve been busy or ill or for any particular reason, and sorry if I stopped communicating for a while. It’s all my fault, no-one offended me, you don’t smell (not from here anyway), I just stopped writing.

I would say that I’m aiming to update regularly from now on, and I am, but I said that a while back, several times. I do write in here more often than my diary, so that’s something (something else I don’t do, but something).

So in the last 2 months I’ve been to the hen night and wedding of a good friend, a half birthday party, a 30th birthday party, a 29th birthday party, a 27th birthday party, a folk festival, a bloggy meeting, several beaches, and lots of other far less linkable places.

I’ve read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Muddle Earth, The Dark is Rising and half of The Wee Free Men.

I’ve also seen several films. Very excitingly I’m going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a couple of hours – I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Surprise, Surprise…

I really should update more often. Not a great deal has happened mind, life plods on as usual. I was in Leicestershire at the weekend, visiting parents, and assisting in a surprise visit from my brother, who according to them was in Korea… until he turned up on their doorstep.

Bro and I got to look around the house we grew up in, as we happened to be walking past as the current owners were measuring up, getting ready to sell it again. It stirred up relatively few emotions compared to what I would have expected. In the end it’s bricks and mortar, and our memories are made of different stuff.

We also went to a surprise 50th birthday ceilidh, with a caller that sounded exactly like Harry Hill. A surreal experience, but very enjoyable, lots of good food and old friends.

Shock expose of today has to be that “cookies are a sometimes food”. Today’s show was brought to you by the letters L, M, A and O.

It was 20 years ago today…

… that a young boy named Danny Ramsay was having a nightmare about his brother Shane drowning in a swimming pool, Des Clarke was having a bucks night from hell, and Paul Robinson was trying to hold everything together without letting his gran know about the stripper… Through a couple of twists and turns (including Des eventually marrying the stripper) we are brought to today’s big events… Who started the Lassiter’s fire? Will Karl Kennedy ever find out the truth about Izzy Hoyland? And just what is Paul Robinson up to?

Happy birthday Neighbours, 20 years old in Australia today. I would link to the brand spanking new forum started at midnight UK time last night, but it proved just a little too popular and went the way of most Neighbours forums in the past week and stopped working. Fortunately the Neighbours formula is working very well even after 20 years, it’s going to be a fantastic year, loads more returning cast and storylines to blow your socks off. Or at least blow up the fansites.

59 and 11 days

that’s how old Alan Rickman is today, which with some consultation of my last post and a trick I call math means that I must be exactly 29. Hurrah! Also Happy birthday to Antonio Vivaldi, 327 today (unless he died and no-one told me…).

I am celebrating by going to Laserzone (e-mail me for details if you know me and want to go) and the pub this evening. Also out for lunch, but that happens every Friday.

Have a good day, wherever you are

What it says on the tin

Dear BBC Please can you fix it for me to have my old schedule of telly back, it was very good and the one I have now is rubbish…

I would like the following programmes back, the same as they were in the early nineties without recent embellishments:

Top Gear (some day very soon you’ll put Jeremy Clarkson and the Crazy Frog next to each other and you’ll look from one to the other and won’t be able to tell the difference).

The Clothes Show (preferably with Jeff Banks).

Food and Drink (not the current incarnation, the old one with the bloke with the beard doing the cooking and Jilly Goolden muttering about burnt pencils).

Home Front

Gardener’s World

Please could I have one of these on every weeknight in the same timeslot, and then get rid of all of the other daytime and weekday evening lifestyle programmes that are continually trying to get a different slant, or inject more ‘reality’ into these situations. I want to know how to paper a wall, not watch someone answer questions in order to ‘win’ a team of decorating wannabes applyind paper to a room that they are not allowed to see.

Oh and can you also fix it for me to have Jim’ll Fix It back on a Saturday evening.

Thank you Emily (28) from Swansea.


In other news: Happy birthday to Alan Rickman (59 today), that makes him 31 years older than me for another 11 days – or something like that anyway.


Although this wiblog is no longer pink, it hasn’t protected me from having to buy some very pink Barbie stuff for a little girl who’s 5 on Saturday. I was almost about to say ‘It’s not for me’ in the shop before deciding that that was blatantly obvious. Found some very cool wrapping paper though that is a board game, but you have to not rip it – which calls for some careful wrapping.

Oh and our local Spar shop has started selling fair trade coffee and hot chocolate – no tea as yet, but I’m sure we can persuade them…

Sitting comfortably?

Not something generally possible on the main site at Greenbelt, but nevertheless, a cracking weekend. Highlights included a quiz show, some poets, a birthday party, some French food, a shower off site, inspiring speakers from Scotland, Oz and Cambridge, some good music, amazing installations and tons of ideas to bring back to church. Oh and some new trousers which now need a wash, thanks to all the mud.

Retuned home to spend some quality time with the tv and dvd player. Having survived 17 Neighbourless days, I was glad to come back to a good episode, some great lines between Susan (just snogged a priest) and Sindi (walked in on them). Also watched Aliens (excellent) and the first 4 episodes of Black Books (also v. good).

It is our church day of prayer today, and also time to clear up from Holiday club and prepare for Sunday School. Really I want to stay in and read Salman Rushdie (finally got to the point of really quite enjoying it) but that’s just me, and anyway, I want to get a start on bringing Greenbelt home…

Good morning

I survived turning 28, thanks to those wishing me a happy birthday, even those doing so via someone else’s blog.

The weekend was great, a 98th birthday, a 30th birthday, and a visit from my brother before he disappears to Japan for a year. We did our bit by taking him to the local Vietnamese and taught him to use chopsticks.

Hopefully next weekend will be taken up in frantic packing before we move, but I’ve tempted fate once on this blog, so I’ll try not to again.

Nelly, in answer to your well wishes on nessa’s blog, I honestly wish I could hope for a happy ending with Karl and Susan, but it’s not looking good is it? The good news however is that my American readership will be able to have half a clue as to what I’m on about, as Neighbours is about to be shown from episode 3418 (the Scully’s arrival) in the States. Thanks to the BBC
for that nugget of news. Elsewhere on Neighbours, things are really not looking good for Harold, his stroke seems to have brought on a complete personality reversal, and as one who reads too many spoilers for her own good, I can tell you it’ll get worse.

Task for today is finishing my book for book club, Anita and Me by Meera Syal, which I’m enjoying, just finding slightly less gripping than it needs to be to hold my attention. Oh well.