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that’s the state of our skirting boards apparantly, the mushrooms were a big clue, but the man from Rentokil has confirmed it. Expensive times ahead I fear.

Still, we have some lovely new Ikea furniture, so our CDs are now safely away in a cabinet rather than in the (admittedly aesthetically pleasing) colour co-ordinated spectrum across the mantelpiece. In putting our DVDs and videos in the other cabinet we managed to throw away 2 bin bags worth of videos that we have had for years and never got around to watching. I really ought to continue in this vein for as long as possible, we have an awful lot of junk in this house.

Last week was spent visiting Soo and the bamphires. They’re fine, R and D are growing up fast, D was 3 on Friday, and R starts full days at school next week.

Hmm, really I should visit the charity shop with a couple of bags of stuff that was too good to throw. I’m more used to leaving charity shops with bundles of stuff in my arms, not actually leaving stuff there. It seems to me that there are the type of people that give to charity shops and the type of people that buy from charity shops, and then there’s people like me who reach critical mass and have no other choice but to change tactic. Mercifully, it all helps.

When you go, will you send back…

… a letter from America? Something that has always been there, something most of our parents won’t remember life without, now isn’t.

It’s cold here, really cold, and I’ve been ill. Grumble grumble.

It’s my birthday later this week, I was remembering talking to Soo’s eldest bamphire on the eve of her birthday earlier this year “So, what are you getting for your birthday R? Do you know?” “Yes,” said R proudly “I get to be four!” I could take a lesson from my young friend and proudly announce that the best thing about this week is that I get to be twenty eight, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring.

been slacking a bit

Christmas was ok, after that we went to visit lots of friends and family, so that was good, we saw Soo and her husband and bamphires in Glasgow, and got a digital camera, so this blog may be festooned with pictorial evidence of occurrences, as soon as I work out (ask Rhys) how to do that.

My wiblog is 1 year old now, hooray!

Saw the 3rd Lord of the Rings film, it was good, but I wouldn’t trust Peter Jackson to film the tying of a shoelace without cutting out several characters and half of the plotlines in order to fit in more special effects.

Have discovered Channel 4’s latest reality offering ‘Shattered’, in which 12 contestants go for 7 days without sleep, surprisingly well done. Previous experiments of this ilk normally have glaring holes in their methodology, and while this review is mainly based on 10 minutes watching the ‘live, and mostly soundless’ broadcast on E4 daytime, reading a bit about it in this mornings paper, and having a quick squizz and the website, the programme makers do seem to have taken precautions against pointlessness. Also there is a great feature on the website which enables you to try for yourself the tests that the participants are monitored by. Your results are e-mailed to you later in the day, I await mine with baited breath.

Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?

It seems odd that in order to reaffirm my reality I am resorting to wibbling in cyber-space, but a sighting of the ‘Lesser Spotted Marmite on Toast’ has been an increasingly rare thing of late. It’s also more than just my failure to update since October 2nd as well, let me explain…

… Even some of the entries I have actually written have faded away into nothingness (Check out what’s not there between 22nd May and 12th June if you don’t believe me).

… People have attempted to pin me down and preserve me through links, but alas, I slipped through the net (pun absolutely intended). – Wood, it’s a capital ‘L’ on Lemly ;)

… I’ve already written all of this out once, but it all disappeared when I pressed a wrong button (must stop doing that).

… Most worryingly of all, our lunch dates seem to have ceased to be, until this week that is. Maybe this wiblog is more intrinsicly attached to my lunches in town than I thought.

So, draw your own conclusions, but I tell you I’m fading fast and only a ‘Jack’s Special Salad Bowl’ at 1pm tomorrow might save me. Be there if you can.

Meanwhile, I’ve been quite busy with all the usual stuff (church, folk club, Neighbours…) and have started an art class on Thursday mornings, so this afternoon will be spent trying to draw a bag of flour or something.

I’ve been reading a lot, and recommend ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ and ‘Life of Pi’ to you all, but don’t bother with ‘Shadowmancer’, it’s dull. I’m currently reading ‘The Science of Discworld II’, which is very enjoyable, but quite hard going for bedtime reading.

I’ve started thinking about Christmas already, and have (with Rhys’ help) set up a vote for what carols to sing in our carol service on 21st December. You can vote here… go on, it’ll make my day (yes, I am that shallow).

The major event though has been our neighbours moving to Glasgow. We miss them loads, especially after I picked up the telephone yesterday and a little voice said “Hello Auntie Nemerly, I miss you so much”. They are settling in very well though, and we are working on ways to update Soo’s wiblog, the most likely way at the moment involving Royal Mail. I’m not sure whether this is a really cool way to update a wiblog, or the day technology went ‘boink’, but either way I have the relevant information to be able to update by proxy, after promising not to add any subliminal messages encouraging people to watch Neighbours or something (like I would).

I need something to keep me occupied, perhaps 310 films in November? I’ll think about it. If it happens, expect a large dose of Mr Rickman.

See you for lunch tomorrow then?


I know. I’ve not updated in ages. In the meantime I’ve been to some graduations, a party, a deacon’s meeting, 2 church services, some expansive gardens, a National Trust house, a castle, out for many meals, and still had time to have 4 guests in the house, swap a matress with the neighbours, and back again, watch some films and tv, finish ‘brave new world’ babysit 2 bamphires, seperately, but for a total of 8 hours, catch up with friends, on the phone and in person, cook for a lot of people, serve my first communion as a deacon (only walking into 1 pew)… and probably some other things as well. I may not be updting very much this week, as I’m off on holiday at the end of it.


Some stuff arranged into numbered points for no obvious reason:

1 – I’ll shut up about Harry Potter now if the wonderousness of the internet means that my work gets commented on by one person who lives about 50 metres from my house.

2 – Dave, yes it is usually safe to assume that Rhys has discovered most of the internet, but these days it’s more and more because I discover it, then tell him.

3 – Bamphire comment of the day – in a crowded shop in town R is unhelpfully moving a footstool around the aisles and standing on it. I advise her that this is not a good course of action. 30 seconds later I hear a little voice that sounds endearingly like Shaggy from Scooby Doo… “don’t look now Auntie Nemerly!”

4 – Kate Rusby’s new album comes out 4 days before Greenbelt – some concentrated listening due between 18th and 22nd of August then. For those interested it will be called ‘Underneath the Stars’

5 – I managed to get 3 dvds I’ve wanted for ages in the HMV sale today, 2 for £3.99, and a special edition for £9.99 – and yes it is a special edition worth having – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. So I’m happy.

6 – Going to a barn dance tonight – should be good, will report on return, or maybe tomorrow.