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Just bemoaning the fact that my favourite internet sites are not being updated frequently enough, so thought I’d stop calling the kettle black (especially as our kettle is a rather fetching shade of silver) and get on with updating my own bit of the web.

I have had an excuse for not updating in the past month, I’ve had flu and various other illnesses to numerous to go into, but hopefully out of the way now. This has not been the best welcome for our new lodger, but she seems to have settled in OK to the Lemly and Rhys way of doing things.

Oh my, Minn has a wiblog – about time too really, I miss my regular dose of stream of Minnieconciousness, and it’s not really suffering from being in blog form, hurrah!

Went to see a fantastic Richard Thompson gig at the weekend, 2 hours drive away, but well, well worth it, as good as it gets. (I should perhaps point out for some international readers of this blog that 2 hours drive away for a concert in mainland Britain is a really long way, as I am aware that’s the sort of distance you go for a pint of milk in Australia (or something)).

Otherwise life has been pretty hectic for the past couple of weeks, our youthworker has croup, meaning I’ve been far more responsible for a lot of the little darlings than I usually am, also some good friends added to the number of little darlings last week – currently known as “boy” at a week old I hope he gets a name soon…

Has anyone got any ideas on the Guardian quick crossword by the way, I’m a bit stuck?

Aah that’s better

I thought of updating a few times, but was blinded by the colour scheme. So away from Bondi beach then (yes we did go there and have a paddle) and back to what looks to be the coldest winter in decades.

My visitor numbers have been doing reasonably well in my absence, thanks to my timely mention of ‘anti alcohol pellets’ as the person they are most readily associated with finally got around to dying.

So Australia was fantastic – may get around to posting up some photos at some point.

In the meantime we’re living in half our house whilst we have a kitchen fitted around the space we had a wall knocked down. We have an oven but no kitchen sink, meaning washing up in the bathroom and cooking mostly in the living room. It will be marvellous, but at the moment it’s a big dusty mess controlled by builders who don’t turn up on time.

Need tea.

We’re here!

So far we’ve managed Melbourne – Pin Oak Court (aka Ramsay St), The Dandenongs, feeding abusive parrots, meeting cool relatives, flying to Sydney, checking in at the hotel (fab views of the skyline) and meeting with brother and his girlfriend.

Very much enjoying life at the moment, pretty much over the jetlag, exploring Sydney proper tomorrow. Woo!

Nearly ready…

Most stuff is packed, the wall is pretty much gone (but the floor needs to come up now), and we’re very excited about setting off for Oz tomorrow.

As you can see I’ve changed the name of this blog in honour of our trip, not sure I’ll get a chance to update while I’m out there, but I’ll try.

TimTams here I come!

Didn’t we have a loverly time?

We were in Bangor yesterday, it was indeed lovely, nice shops and a chance to meet up with old friends. Yes, Aussie/New Zealand people are fine to look at the calendar when it becomes the right day where you are, in that respect, yesterday was the only day you had it right. Yes, there was a spelling mistake on the joke yesterday, I hope that’s OK now.

Day 16 then, sorry for the delay to those Down Under!

What's behind the square window?