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Procrastination, that’s what you need…

Trying to do a copy of a Rolf painting for my art class, which I’m skipping, but it’s not going well, I think the problem is that he did his on a huge black board in scenery paint and mine is on an A4 piece of paper in watercolour – oh, and I’m really bad with watercolours.

Watched ‘The Fly’ (’86 version, obviously) again recently, great, great film. Cheesy and a bit gross, but great nonetheless.

It seems that The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain are playing Greenbelt this year. This is great news, but I’m impatient to know who else is being booked – What would your dream Greenbelt lineup include? June Tabor has to come fairly near the top of my list, although a talk by Alan Rickman, or any cast/crew of Neighbours would have to be very top. Unlikely, but I can dream. TNUOOGB are going to be fab anyway – 5 1/2 months to go…

Here I am, brain the size of a planet…

…go to this site and click on Marvin… great fun ensues for Rickman fans.

Links will shortly be updated to take account of erinsborough.com closing down, and referring it’s custom to neighboursfans.com.

I wound up watching the rugby on Saturday, it was a reasonably entertaining way of passing 80 minutes with nothing else to do, although I was accused of being slightly girly by practically quoting gay Tom from Bridget Jones ‘Oooh, it’s a fight, a real fight!’. Apparantly it’s really something that Wales won, I think I’m too English to appreciate it.

59 and 11 days

that’s how old Alan Rickman is today, which with some consultation of my last post and a trick I call math means that I must be exactly 29. Hurrah! Also Happy birthday to Antonio Vivaldi, 327 today (unless he died and no-one told me…).

I am celebrating by going to Laserzone (e-mail me for details if you know me and want to go) and the pub this evening. Also out for lunch, but that happens every Friday.

Have a good day, wherever you are

What it says on the tin

Dear BBC Please can you fix it for me to have my old schedule of telly back, it was very good and the one I have now is rubbish…

I would like the following programmes back, the same as they were in the early nineties without recent embellishments:

Top Gear (some day very soon you’ll put Jeremy Clarkson and the Crazy Frog next to each other and you’ll look from one to the other and won’t be able to tell the difference).

The Clothes Show (preferably with Jeff Banks).

Food and Drink (not the current incarnation, the old one with the bloke with the beard doing the cooking and Jilly Goolden muttering about burnt pencils).

Home Front

Gardener’s World

Please could I have one of these on every weeknight in the same timeslot, and then get rid of all of the other daytime and weekday evening lifestyle programmes that are continually trying to get a different slant, or inject more ‘reality’ into these situations. I want to know how to paper a wall, not watch someone answer questions in order to ‘win’ a team of decorating wannabes applyind paper to a room that they are not allowed to see.

Oh and can you also fix it for me to have Jim’ll Fix It back on a Saturday evening.

Thank you Emily (28) from Swansea.


In other news: Happy birthday to Alan Rickman (59 today), that makes him 31 years older than me for another 11 days – or something like that anyway.


The original intention of this post was to provide an a-z of weird and wonderful films due out this year, but the filmmakers seem a little imaginatively deprived when it comes to coming up with titles beginning with X for release this year anyway.

So here instead is an alternative guide to some odd movies to look out for in the coming year – don’t blame me if some don’t get released, I’m surprised that they all got past the pitching stage!

First, let’s get the major/expected releases out of the way…

We’re all aware of the sequels and prequels due this year; the one I’m looking forward to most is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (almost as much as book 6 in the same series).
Also coming are Batman Begins
and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

TV and radio series making it to the big screen include:
Red Dwarf: The Movie,
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,
The Dukes of Hazzard,
Sprung! The Magic Roundabout,
The Wallace & Gromit Movie: Curse of the Wererabbit and one that may have escaped your attention so far…
Royston Vasey: The Motion Picture.

Then there’s the books making it to the big screen, and aside from Harry Potter IV, there’s quite a few – these are a selection of those that I’ve read:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe,
The Lovely Bones and
Star Girl.

Everyone should see Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, because it has Alan Rickman in it, and he’s good. (Mr Rickman will also be appearing in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Severus Snape, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android.)

The 2 most fantastically named movies of 2005 are in no particular order are:
Malice in Sunderland
and The Gingerdead Man. Not sure either are worth going to see just for the title though.

Slightly more promising are the bizarre plots that some of this years movies seem wont to base themselves on, here are a few examples to finish off this entry:
Valiant, the story of a pigeon in wartime.
The Puffy Chair roadtrip with an armchair
Darwin Awards with Joseph Fiennes and Winona Ryder.
Fellowship of the Dice that’d be the 12 sided variety then?
and, amazingly, Tortilla Heaven – restaurateur finds the face of Jesus in a tortilla.

Enjoy whatever movies you watch this year, feel free to leave your reviews in the comments box below.


Watched Se7en the other day, and was disturbed to discover that the enduring image I had from first watching the film (in the cinema) was actually a split second flash shot. Amazing the tricks that memory plays. I won’t tell you what the shot was in case you haven’t seen the movie (you should), but did anyone else manage that?

Less of a good film was ‘The January Man’, watched as part of some research for a later feature of this blog of a review of some sort of all Alan Rickman films that I have seen. It was watchable though.

Took our youthgroup bowling last night, but due to a lane shortage beyond our control, I wound up in laserzone with some of the kids. Great fun, and I think I’m getting better, although our team lost both games.


I just found a new Alan Rickman page, complete with a very detailed biography (now will someone believe me that he is the voice on Tubular Bells II?) and some fantastic wallpaper which will keep my desktop going for a good while yet.

The house move is still proving to be an enigma, it hasn’t stopped me looking at lots of home furnishing websites this morning though.

Looking forward to a good weekend, dinner with friends tonight and dead dog book club tomorrow (yes Nessa, I’ve just reminded myself to think of some discussion starters…).

Also I need to get my doodle card done, screaming agaist the deadline as usual, I suppose they can still make use of the donation, even if the drawing isn’t in on time.