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Random update

It’s got to the stage I needed something really worthwhile to update about, and in world of Lemly I’ve got it, but it’s probably best just to forget that I’ve only posted 7 times since February and treat this as right back to normal for Marmite on Toast.

Anyway, something tells me I’ve been part of something quite big recently. If you scroll down this page to the rather girly Jan 10th entry, you’ll see that earlier this year I managed to meet up with the wonderful Alan Fletcher / Fletch / Neighbours’ Dr Karl Kennedy after a panto performance in Malvern. Well, as it happens Fletch is back in the UK touring with his band, so a gang of us from NeighboursFans.com decided to meet up in Sheffield and see him. Suffice to say that it was a good job we’d told him we’d be there and got our names down on the list, as 2000 people turned up. It was a great night, and I got my CD signed, but no Lemly and Fletch photo this time, as there were just too many people there. So, that was the band’s warm up night, and the tour has been sell out/ oversubscribed on all other nights. No surprise then, apart from to herself that when Jo Whiley asked her listeners what rocked/sucked during their week last Friday, hundreds of students texted in saying that Fletch rocked! So he’s in the Live Lounge today at 11 am. Very cool, go Fletch!

Will update properly later… maybe.

great game

You’ll need sound for this, and I’m not sure what it’s like on a dial-up connection, but this is the cool game of the day for me, type in the name of practically any artist to get a 10 round music quiz based on their recordings – cool or what? (I did best on Kylie, although I reckon the Richard Thompson one was a little obscure)

(edit: remembered to add that I got the link off of the Neighbours forum general chat boards, where I have spent much of the day discussing the wonderful Alan Fletcher)

The very exciting panto…

I’ll get the picture out of the way first, it’s an apalling one of me, but Alan looks gorgeous, so here is me with the one and only legendary Alan Fletcher aka Karl Kennedy from Neighbours, just before he called me daarling…my life is complete!

So that was the evening that 30ish people from the Neighbours forum descended on Malvern and managed a private audience with Alan Fletcher in the foyer after the panto. It was great meeting everyone, to pick out names would be to forget others, but if you’ve come from erinsborough.com, please leave a comment in the box below!

Not a night to forget in a hurry, to be honest I’m still floating!

Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year have been survived, our house is decorated with many calendars (including the advent calendar, which will be taken down with the rest of the decorations). I now have a cold and am feeling generally grotty, but nevertheless hopeful of the prospects a new year brings (especially those of seeing Neighbours’ one and only Dr Karl Kennedy in panto next week).

Oh, and yes it was me that took the photo of Benjamin and Alice on the front page of the Wibsite – gorgeous isn’t he?

One, Two, One-Two-Free!

Ok, after today I’ll try and stop these songs getting weirder by the minute, but this one was going round my head all of yesterday, and needs airing.

May 3rd Free as a River

I know, that’s not a direct link, but the site uses so much flash technology that you’ll need to find your way through a couple of menus, it should be fairly self explanitory.

So, this song then. Well, I might as well admit that it is from ‘Neighbours’, but it is one of the many reasons that this otherwise humdrum daytime soap becomes essential cult viewing. The character of Dr Karl Kennedy was once, you see, in a band called ‘The Right Prescription’. Someone thought it would make a good storyline if this band were to make a comeback. A song was written, by ‘Mr Neighbours Music’, Chris Pettifer, and was duly performed by Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl. The thing was that it was just too good a song to only hear once, so it is reprised with comic regularity, as often as storylines will allow. if you follow the ‘Mr Neighbours Music’, ‘video library’ link in the first link in this entry, you can find one of these reprises.

So, the song in itself – it’s kind of a protest song, but hammed up to overload. More Dylan than Bob himself, definitely worth a listen, as it is almost guarunteed to raise a smile.