31 thoughts on “Introducing Megan Elizabeth

  1. A few days I read your blog from start to present day and I was so moved and now feel so happy for you that you have this little angel. She is gorgeous and you have chosen a beautiful name for her. Congrats and I hope you have a very happy and healthy life as a family. xxx

  2. Congratulations…all that waiting is over, all her life is to come… she is beautiful! I wish you all love and happiness

  3. :) So very pleased to see this!
    Cara says “babee, seepin” So I hope you have all had some sleeping by the time you see this. Beautiful girl, welcome to the world.

  4. Have come back to add another huge :whhhheeeeeeeeeeee!:

    Its been amazing to follow her journey so far. Let’s hope the adventures in the future are exciting in a great way!

    And its a lovely, lovely name. As well as being The Best Day To Have A Birthday!

  5. Welcome to the world Megan Elizabeth! She looks adorable – as I’m sure her parents agree.

    (Happy birthday to Ferijen, too… if I’ve interpreted the hints correctly….)

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