One day to go…

…until due date that is.

Midget clearly doesn’t know this. There are no signs of imminent arrival, not really any signs of arrival whatsoever, I think it’s fair to say she’ll be late.

Since last blog we’ve had a couple more scans (no extra pictures I’m afraid, they’re for routine scans only) Midget is fine, if on the big side. We’re going if possible for a water birth, and have an inflatable pool ready to go in the room next to me. We’ve been to NCT classes and met lots of lovely people and some lovely babies already. Practically we’re ready for a baby to be in the house (Moses basket with clean sheets and a teddy bear who looks more impatient than I do to meet his bedmate, changing table and wardrobe made up and full of stuff, clothes washed and sorted, hospital bag packed just in case etc etc) Mentally and emotionally – well can you ever be mentally and emotionally prepared for this? I doubt it, we’re very keen for her to be here anyway.

As for me, you can see from the picture (although it is over 2 weeks old) that I’ve got pretty big too. And I’m still doing Brownies, which is fab, and a great way of getting out of the obsessional headspace of a pregnant woman. I’m overtired, bored and uncomfortable most of the time, my ribs hurt from being pushed outwards and kicked, my feet are like balloons, but I feel and know I am so, so blessed to be in this position. I often still can’t help but smile when I feel her move. I am totally amazed that my body is actually, finally doing this thing and in a couple of weeks at the most I will be a mother.

Thank you again for all your comments and prayers, the only thing left to say now really is:

Watch This Space!

14 thoughts on “One day to go…

  1. You look tidy to me, smaller than I was and Cara was a big girl.

    Do all you can NOW, but also rest as much as you can. (I realise that’s perverse) We love you, we’re praying and it’s gonna happen. It’s good to feel blessed in this place, but it’s also ok to feel unreasonably pregnant and rant-ish. I give you permission, it’s hard to be that pregnant in this heat. Yell at me if you need. xx

    You are teh awesome ;)

  2. Well. the only think with the pool is how LONG it will take to fill – my sis was all for water with both her last two and there just didn’t end up being time!! She’s about to have her fourth and she’s opting for going to the local birth centre where the pool fills much less quickly… of course, it’s no four.. and the baby probably will be the pool anyway!! So excited for you, can’t wait to see her!

  3. Can’t wait to see her! I think you have a very tidy bump – even without being pregnant I look like I ate all the pies, so goodness knows what I’d be like with a baby bump!

    Hope teddy gets to meet his human very soon :)

  4. I’ve been thinking of you, Emily. I hope you’re okay and that maybe midget has now made her entrance into the world. If not, I hope it’s soon for you. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. xx

  5. How exciting! So close!
    I remember so well the bruised feeling of feet in my ribs and my little footballer (Rebecca) was 2 weeks early weighing 5lb 14. You must be black and blue! It makes you sit up straight. LOL!

    I’m wishing you an easy, safe birth. xx

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