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Sorry, it’s been a while. We’re all fine, but busy or tired still, but not foreseeing any improvement in either of those situations any time soon, thought I could do a quick blog, and maybe if I don’t feel like I have to catch you up on everything, I might manage to blog more regularly while I wait for Midget’s impending arrival…

Midget is getting pretty big now, pushing out my tummy and my ribcage, and still wriggling for more room. I’m not sure how petite women cope at this stage and beyond, at least at 5’10” there’s a good deal of potential stretching space!

I’ve had another scan, but later scans don’t come with photos around these parts, I should get a bump pic on here at some point though, need to take some more recent ones.

It looks like my latest stint at vegetarianism is coming to an end after 2 years, I’m craving meat and my iron count is low, so my midwife suggested I just go for the bacon sandwich and enjoy! Saves the problem of when to introduce meat to Midget’s diet too.

Brownies is going well, and I’m enjoying taking a bit of a backseat role whilst still being involved this term, pack holiday next month will be exhausting, but a good distraction from all this pregnancy malarkey!

Anyhow, should go and get some lunch (would be a BLT, but we don’t have most of the ingredients in). Will try and manage a weekly blog from now on :)

9 thoughts on “Hello there

  1. Mmmmmmm, bacon sandwich!

    Glad everything is going well and Midget is blooming.
    I can remember having to sit up straight to try and minimise the impact of #1’s little feet kicking upwards into my ribcage. Good for the posture! #2 was much more peaceful.

  2. Right now, if your body tells you it needs it, you probably do. I craved meat too while I was pregnant. Not vege as you know, but really craved red meat which is very unusual for me. Apparently ( so my midwife told me at the time ) cravings in the first and third trimesters are usually your body talking to you about something. And that fits – I clearly needed protein and iron. I also craved eggs. Eat and enjoy, definitely.

  3. BLTs!
    Now if one thing brings back memories, the idea of a BLT surely does, and lots and lots of them too… I’ll have to visit so you can make me one :)

    You’ve probably already heard what I’m about to say, but hey, reminders are free right? On the iron front, Doctorrrr Dominique recommends:
    -black tea away from meals so that the iron your food contains doesn’t get ousted by the tannins or tea-eine (or whatever black tea does that stops us fixing iron)
    -SPIRULINA. The groovy little algae naturally contains: calcium and iron plus some other odments. That’s where I get most of my iron from.
    Without it I sleep 10 hours a night and still need more :)
    -Also, eat your greens! Kale is one of the best source of folic acid and it’s about to come into season if I remember right. Without it you can eat all the iron your like but it won’t fix.

  4. I want to know how I get one of those groovy little squares by my comments…
    Mr D taught me how to insert links and create lists using the bits on the site I’ve been ignoring since, well, always.

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