Sorry, been a bit quiet lately. When I’ve not been busy I’ve been either asleep or too tired to blog. Anyway, thought you might like to see some pictures of my beautiful daughter at 20 weeks. Yes, she’s becoming a little more real now :D


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  1. I can’t believe I somehow missed these last two entries.

    Hello beautiful :)

    If you were feeling like you were tickled with an electric feather from the inside at 16 weeks, that was Midget. I felt Cara about that sort of time, although it had been happening for a couple of weeks before I got two and two together to make the right number!! If it’s any consolation, we had a girls name all picked until one morning about 30 weeks I woke up and said NO! It’s the wrong name! and then had to go and borrow name books from the library to find something we both liked.

    Belly Love <3

  2. hellllllllllloooooooo little beautiful girl person! how lovely!

    don’t kick your mother…well, it’s OK to kick her sometimes, but not every moment – because you’ve got some growing to do, too, cute little person!

    this is wonderful, and I hope you are taking every opportunity for naps & letting people help do things for you, too….and we accept your excuse for not blogging – the photos totally make up for us missing you. :D

  3. :D


    Marvellous little girl growing steadily…. I hope mummy is getting lots of rest and eating well for both.
    Question is, will she be a tea addict too?

    thanks for showing us the pictures

    love and hugs

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