How to be good

I want to start this post by reassuring you all that you have been most excellent companions on this IVF journey. Your support and prayers have made more difference than you will ever know, and we will always be grateful.

Another link today, and it’s unfortunately one I wish I could put under the noses of one or two people that have not helped in our various dalliances with fertility treatment. I repeat it’s absolutely not getting at anyone here, I partly link it because it’s so well written and provides many brilliant insights, but partly because a lot of it just needs to be out there as much as possible.

How to be good friends with an infertile

Have a good week.


6 thoughts on “How to be good

  1. That’s a good list.

    Would also be pretty suitable for people with chronic health conditions to give to their friends, adopters to give to their friends, people with depression to give to their friends. . . just in general, people who live life to give to their friends!

    Just substitue the appropriate situations and it pretty much all fits.

    Had to grin knowingly, though, at: “You wouldn’t say to a diabetic “maybe you weren’t meant to have insulin etc” “, because people would! The number of people who have told me some sort of “well, maybe it’s God’s will.” comment, re: my MS, always shocks me!

  2. Likeitlikeitlikeit

    I am encouraged, especially as I am going to face the endo on Thursday. I love her a lot, but sometimes she scares me.

    Kisses and Love.

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