Monthly Archives: September 2009

The package

*Disclaimer – this post was not written this morning, I am deliberately posting these entries on different dates so that I can be fully open about this IVF stuff without people knowing exactly what is happening when. It’s a self preservation thing, with all of the injected hormones I become a bit of an emotional wreck, and am saving myself the pressure of people curious to know outcomes before I’m ready to tell.

The package arrived today. On time, just as they said it would. I would have liked to have left it until I needed it, but contents had to be checked, and some needed refrigeration. The package contained four different types of drug, three I have taken before, one new (let’s see if this one does a better job than the others). All are to be taken by injection, so the rest of the (very large) box is filled with needles, syringes, cotton wool, and two massive sharps containers. No antiseptic wipes, they always forget those, must remember to get some from the clinic when I get my bloods done.

It’s not a sight that fills me with any joy, but there is that slight aspect of hope there. That somewhere in all of this pile of scary paraphernalia that I’ve become far too used to, is our chance. There is a small ‘maybe’¬† that this pile in front of me…

… any real concept of hope is a bit too far away to grasp at at this point, but a small maybe, that I can cope with.

The relaxed summer

Thank you for all of your comments on the last couple of blogs, and yes, I’m taking your advice and having¬† a lovely long relaxed summer. We managed to go to France with one wiblogger, and catch up with another one while we were there. It was a fantastic break, just all too short, so we’re making plans for next year!

Unfortunately I managed to come back from the holiday having done something painful to my coccyx on the longest bumpy slide in France. It’s mostly better now, but did involve sitting on a special cushion for a fortnight!

We celebrated our first decade of marriage in style with a nights stay at the most exclusive hotel we could find in the area, cost an arm and a leg, but worth it completely. We’ve agreed when we’ve made our 20th anniversary we’ll go back for the weekend :)

We also had a great party the day after, although a word of advice – table confetti gets everywhere!

Then Greenbelt, where I caught up with some other wibloggers, far too briefly in many cases. I thoroughly enjoyed it this year, managed to avoid queueing excessively and in that way got to some of the more interesting, offbeat things. There are plenty of talks I missed, but that means that Greenbelt can last a little longer as I download the podcasts. We finally caved in to becoming Angels this year, something we’ve been wondering about for a while.

Last weekend I went to Manchester for the very first time to meet up with a few friends, it’s actually a really lovely city, and I plan to go back again.

About half an hour after my train got in I went along to the Girlguiding Centenary Launch Party which was a great afternoon, it did involve supervising 15 of our Brownies in the new Leisure Centre swimming pool for nearly an hour, but everything went to plan, and we all really enjoyed it. My Brownie unit is now full with a waiting list, which makes it slightly exhausting at times, but great fun.

Tomorrow we’re going to make the most of the sunshine and head out to the park with kites and spacehoppers and anything else that we can find. So the summer continues, and long may it do so!