Monthly Archives: March 2008

Right creature, wrong reason

It was indeed a donkey, but one made to assist with a school assembly talk that Rhys was doing about Palm Sunday. It seemed to go well from what I hear, so that’s good.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday, caught up with friends, took youth club bowling, went out for pizza and played my new Wii game. A game based around basic cooking skills sounds a bit odd, and it is, but a lot of fun.

Greenbelt listings…

according to this blog they’d revealed at least some of the speakers a month ago this time last year. This year nothing.

This is my latest five minute project, and is being put to use as I write – answers on a postcard please:

So why the sudden return to blogging? A couple at church last night told me that they had been reading this thing, and so I thought I should make an effort :)