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I’m currently trying, and indeed managing to lose weight. When doing such a thing it is important to have goals. And to reward oneself when those goals are reached. Without putting too many figures out there, I have reached the half way stage to my goal weight loss. This would appear to be a good time to reward myself. I had thought for a while that getting my hair cut nicely would be a good reward for this stage. There are many reasons that this is a good idea:

– It is not a food related reward, so wouldn’t put me back 3 weeks on my diet.
– My hair is really long, in the way and needs cutting
– Shorter hair would be far easier to mange
– Shorter hair would probably look nicer

… and not forgetting of course that hair’s got to weigh something, so losing some would actually bring me nearer to my goal weight!

Unfortunately there are also many counter arguments:
– I hate going to the hairdressers, it’s almost a phobia.
– My hair can look very nice when I do something with it.
– Rhys likes it better long
– They might not make a good job of it
– I’ve spent years growing it this long (OK mostly because I hate going to the hairdressers…)

So, should I get it cut? I make no promises to abide by any decision made in the comments box, but would appreciate your views (or suggestions for an alternative reward).

The reward I’m giving myself when I reach my goal weight by the way is decided and unchanging. Nintendo DS lite. In silver.

11 thoughts on “decisions decisions…

  1. Cutting off a leg is more likely to achieve the weight goal – have you considered this? You do have two after all (er, you do, don’t you? or have you been down this road once already – getting the second one removed is probably not a good move.)

  2. I’d say we were separated at birth, except that I’m nowhere near the half-way point to my desired weight loss. Sigh.

    I’m getting my hair cut on Wednesday, the first time in months. I have just hit that tipping point where it got so long and unable-to-do-a-thing-with that that has overcome the phobia.

    Which doesn’t answer your question, but got you an extra comment anyway :)

  3. there’s no need to have your hair cut very short, that way it’ll still be long, and on the off chance the hairdresser makes a mistake you’ll still have plenty of hair to make a correction with.

    Unless the hairdresser makes a really big mistake.

  4. I prefer you at the height you are now and having a leg cut off would mean that you’d lean to one side a lot. Having a leg cut off would certainly help with balance on slopes though.

    I think that you need to think more of Rhys as well. I mean its not easy for him to be married to you, so leaving your hair long – but tidy – would be a reward for both of you.

    I’m now going to lock myself in the Marmiteproof bunker I’ve just dug in the back garden.

  5. I’d suggest having a decent trim. Ask the hairdresser about easy-peasy but nice styles you can do yourself when you want a change. That way, it’s tidy, can be long or short (depending on whether you wear it "up" or "down") and saves your quota of legs for another problem. (You can justify the lack of weight loss by jogging – on both legs – to the hairdresser’s.)

  6. I note that you say ‘shorter hair would be easier to mange’ [sic]. I don’t think you should mange your hair at all. It could end up looking mangy. Or if we are talking French here, I thought the general idea was to mange less, rather than mange tout.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

  7. would it soften the blow if you were to donate your hair? over here we have "locks of love"… hair is cut a minimum of 10 inches, and donated to wig-makers for use as wigs for cancer survivors! it’s very trendy here to grow one’s hair out long… then chop it off with a very stylish haircut :)

    (i haven’t read your comments above – this may not be the first suggestioin re: donation…but it might make you feel good about a haircut!)

    p.s. great goal – you can do it! gooooooo Lemly! whooo-hoo!

  8. I’m with the suggestion of having a restyle, but not taking too much of fthe length. Also, ask other people (pref with simailar hair to yours) for a hairdresser recommendation. If part of your fear is the scariness of a hairdressing salon, perhaps you could try and find a hairdresser who would visit your house. I have found this far less intimidating in the past.

    On the other hand, perhaps you could have bright green streaks or something!

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