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About that picture angle

I was in on my own and using the camera timer, but to get the perspective right more easily, if more wonkily I was using a mirror. And then I decided to turn the camera on its side to definitely get me in it, but it doesn’t have a flat edge on either of the short ends, so it went wonky. (It was also balanced on a copy of Songs of Fellowship music edition to give it the right height not to get the frame of the mirror in it.)

Maybe not as sucessful a shot as I really wanted, but you were supposed to be looking at the hair not the picture!


thanks to all my rent-a-groupies, the cheques are in the post :)

Tonight I make my promise as a Brownie leader. I would say renew my promise, but the words have changed since last time. I preferred the old one I think, but the new one is growing on me. For the uninitiated we now say “Love my God” where as we used to say “Do my duty to God”. Whole theological debate around that one I think.

much better

cropped photo 2

Not quite as much off as I envisaged, but at the recommendation of the hairdresser who knows far more about these things than I do.

Dith – you know not quite how close I came to adding a brightly coloured streak – but I’ll save that for another, braver day!

decision made

due at the hairdressers in 5 minutes, so this is a quick one.

I decided to combine much of your advice, and have a foot chopped off. that’s 12″ of hair, not the end of my leg, sorry lanark.

Unfortunately wig donations are a bit difficult to find around here, and my hair’s not that good anyway, I last had it cut over 2 years ago – told you I don’t do hairdressers!

Anyway, for the record, here’s the before photo:

cropped photo

see you later (or you’ll see me anyway)!

decisions decisions…

I’m currently trying, and indeed managing to lose weight. When doing such a thing it is important to have goals. And to reward oneself when those goals are reached. Without putting too many figures out there, I have reached the half way stage to my goal weight loss. This would appear to be a good time to reward myself. I had thought for a while that getting my hair cut nicely would be a good reward for this stage. There are many reasons that this is a good idea:

– It is not a food related reward, so wouldn’t put me back 3 weeks on my diet.
– My hair is really long, in the way and needs cutting
– Shorter hair would be far easier to mange
– Shorter hair would probably look nicer

… and not forgetting of course that hair’s got to weigh something, so losing some would actually bring me nearer to my goal weight!

Unfortunately there are also many counter arguments:
– I hate going to the hairdressers, it’s almost a phobia.
– My hair can look very nice when I do something with it.
– Rhys likes it better long
– They might not make a good job of it
– I’ve spent years growing it this long (OK mostly because I hate going to the hairdressers…)

So, should I get it cut? I make no promises to abide by any decision made in the comments box, but would appreciate your views (or suggestions for an alternative reward).

The reward I’m giving myself when I reach my goal weight by the way is decided and unchanging. Nintendo DS lite. In silver.

random tv stuff

Neighbours sees a re-vamp today, one that hit Aussie screens back in July, but a change to the theme tune and credits – goodbye Brushscript logo, 22 years is a long time in font years. Just thought I’d mention it as no-one else seems to be.

Also there’s the second part of ‘Eye of The Gorgon’, part of the initially-dissapointing-but-picked-up-no-end-since-casting-Phyllida-Law ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ to look forward to at 5 o’clock.

Over the weekend we discovered another hilarious 5pm CBBC programme (we caught it on repeat), Chute is a mix of completely random archive clips, ‘rathergood’ style animations and totally bizarre humour linked by what is a very rare comodity these days, a CBBC presenter with a personality. The quality is sometimes variable, but it is heartening to see something that almost harks back to the broom cupboard days of children’s broadcasting.

I am aware that many people reading this blog will be completely lost at this point, or be off somewhere else by now. I could be helpful and link to lots of plces to help them make sense of this, but it wouldn’t help much, and I really can’t be bothered.

BBC Wales

Living in Wales has its up sides. The scenery is terrific, the prescriptions are free, and there are even the odd few days when it doesn’t rain.

The tv however is not great. I’m not talking here about the tv that is made in Wales for a wider audience, I think The New Doctor Who (or Doctor Who series 27-29) can speak for itself on that. I’m talking of the stuff that is not meant for consumption outside of the boundaries where Ll is a valid letter. The most frequent offender in this area is Wales Today, the regional ‘news’ programme for Wales. I once saw at least five minutes of the programme dedicated to a football team visiting a chip shop. Don’t believe me? Look here.

Aside from the actual attempts at news, there’s always Dippy Derek the reasonably inaccurate weatherman, now available in download form, and Bob the sports pundit.

Talking of sport it was a quote attached to the end of Bob’s report the other day that really summed up Welsh tv for me, referring to the fact that Wales were not doing well in the rugby, and that there would be a match on later, the viewing public were asked to “Share the agony with BBC2 Wales later on tonight”.

It is my suggestion that this become the frankly honest tagline of Welsh tv for the future – for all the programmes that looklike they were made in 1972 on a budget of threepence ha’penny (but were in fact made last week on a budget of £3.50). For all the programme concepts along the idea of ‘lets take three generations of the same family and put them on a coach trip’. For anything involving Boyd Clack, Owen Money, Max Boyce, Huw Pugh or anyone else who’s last ‘proper’ gig was as a guest on the Keith Harris and Orville Show. “BBC Wales, Share The Agony”, preferably in a rich honeyed Eve Myles type accent, would make it so much more bearable.

or so…

… Greenbelt was good, Excellent company – rather lacking in Jane-ness, but she’s coming next year, so that’s OK. Too many things on at the same time, but there’s always the MP3s that I’ve not bought yet. Billy Bragg was excellent, Chas and Dave were disappointing. Didn’t go to any really bad talks, and actually managed some worship stuff. Did my back in on the bouncy obstacle course, bought a lovely Fair Trade duvet cover, and a very lovely skirt and a gorgeous little bible that is pretty and strokable and small, and everything I wanted from a Bible, so I shall now not covet my neighbour’s scriptures in Sunday services.

Brownies is going really well so far, I even know all their names, and (more importantly) which ones not to put together. I have a smart rugby shirt type uniform, with an official badge tab and not very official M&S jeans. I get to renew my promise at the end of this month, it’s all great. Shouldn’t try and do handstands though, even to encourage reluctant Brownies to work towards their agility badges. I never could do one, so what posessed me to try for the first time in about 20 years, I have no idea. The bruise is healing up though.

Driving is also going well, car still has the same number of dents as before I started driving it which is always a good indication!

Basically everything’s pretty good, I’m not feeling great, but that might be because the weather’s getting worse and I’m getting over a cold. I should be feeling good – Brownie obstacle course tomorrow, hooraay!