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No pews is good pews

Sorry to the sentimental, but I’m glad they’re out, they were really uncomfortable, and there are plenty nicer pews out there that I get to sit on in other churches, it’s time to move on.

No they’re not being scrapped, they are all lined up and marked ready for reclamation… apart for the bit I stole, because as it turns out I am a bit of a sentimentalist after all.

For the curious…

This is what the inside of Pantygwydr church looked like at lunchtime, I happened to be passing with a camera at a point I could sneak in (deaconly perks or something) and figured enough wibloggers would be interested – a few more photos are on Flikr.


Edit – for those who never saw it, Alison has posted a picture of the church just before it got gutted here

It’s going to look great when it’s done, I do agree with you Neil insofar as pews are nice to look at, but they are neither comfortable or wheelchair friendly, so away they go!


Thanks Sarah for the idea of Flikring 2006, and also for the great cartoon strip :)

I have blogged less than Sarah this year, but think it would be nice anyway to show off a few photos:

Saw a Cyberman:
Cyberman at Swansea Waterfront Museum

Our holiday in Mid Wales, where we saw baby peacocks:

Holiday Cottage

Peahen and chicks

Greenbelt 2006

Pittsburgh and playing with helium and oxygen inflated pillows at the Andy Warhol Museum:

Andy Warhol Museum

We did lots more too, but we didn’t always have a camera, or get a great shot of it, I’ll try and be better and blog more coherently this year.