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Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slowly…

Squeezy marmite? Can fully understand the phasing out of the smallest jars though – I mean, what’s the point?

Nice joke on Maggi’s blog.

I’ve just finished reading ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’ by Kate Atkinson. Great book, a cast of thousands and lots of untimely deaths, but ultimately uplifting.

Surprisingly uplifting also was our Saturday morning viewing of ‘Trainspotting’ we chose life. We also chose to make a fantastic ‘lemon ice cream tart on a ginger nut base’, basic recipe from Nigel Slater, double quantities of brandy from the lodger.

Thanks to those who replied to my Zen tagging, Alice, you didn’t mess up sweetie, lots of zen/psychic hugs beaming your way that you can absolutely trade in for real ones when I see you and Baby B next, I would suggest going to the swings but it’s peeing it down and I need to think about starting dinner.

Oooh almost forgot, neighbours season finale today, catch it at 5:35, new exciting credits start tomorrow. We all have to have our little obsessions ;P

Procrastination, that’s what you need…

Trying to do a copy of a Rolf painting for my art class, which I’m skipping, but it’s not going well, I think the problem is that he did his on a huge black board in scenery paint and mine is on an A4 piece of paper in watercolour – oh, and I’m really bad with watercolours.

Watched ‘The Fly’ (’86 version, obviously) again recently, great, great film. Cheesy and a bit gross, but great nonetheless.

It seems that The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain are playing Greenbelt this year. This is great news, but I’m impatient to know who else is being booked – What would your dream Greenbelt lineup include? June Tabor has to come fairly near the top of my list, although a talk by Alan Rickman, or any cast/crew of Neighbours would have to be very top. Unlikely, but I can dream. TNUOOGB are going to be fab anyway – 5 1/2 months to go…


I’m feeling very old, not so much the fact that I’m 30 tomorrow, but that combined with the fact that Ronan Keating is 29 today.

So, time for a new game I think. Zen Tagging.

below are my answers to some questions I’m going to make up as I go along.

When I have got bored finished answering these questions I am going to tag some people. This is where the true art of Zen Tagging comes in, you should know if I’ve tagged you. You can then proceed to your own blog and answer the same questions, not forgetting of course to see if you can master the art of Zen Tagging your own friends.

A word of warning – don’t tag people without blogs, with normal memes this just results in a bit of confusion and no answers, we don’t want to be responsible for upsetting any strange psychic forces holding the universe together do we?

My Answers

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Truly Madly Deeply
Harry Potter and the… etc
Close My Eyes
Galaxy Quest

Howl’s Moving Castle
Behind The Scenes at the Museum
Orynx and Crake



Sausage, bacon, fried egg and tomato ketchup.

May 1st
March 4th
August 21st



Thomas Hardy
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Cruella De Ville


And I tag…

Cough, splutter…

Well that’s what I’d sound like if I was actually talking rather than typing to you.

So – Happy Ever After…? The ministry of obvious research have been at it again and discovered that most of us prefer happy endings to our books. This report may spoil the end of many classic novels, this one shouldn’t.

I’m not really sure what I think on this one, with films my stock phrase “I’m a sucker for a miserable ending” is a fairly neat summary, but with films you’ve spent an average of 2 hours with the characters, and so even with the most likeable ones you’re not actually that attached. Books however take longer to read, and can be slowed down and savoured if you are enjoying them (something I’m very good at) and so I am not so willing to have my paper and print companions open to the same range of fate as my celluloid ones.

I think I just like decent endings, ones that fit. The survey also asked what books people would like to change the ending to, and no, Nineteen Eighty Four needs the ending that it has. Part of the point of reading a good book is not knowing whether you’re going to finally put it back on the shelf with a smile in the corner of your mouth or a tear in the corner of your eye, and I for one need that to be the case.