Monthly Archives: March 2005

Here I am, brain the size of a planet…

…go to this site and click on Marvin… great fun ensues for Rickman fans.

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I wound up watching the rugby on Saturday, it was a reasonably entertaining way of passing 80 minutes with nothing else to do, although I was accused of being slightly girly by practically quoting gay Tom from Bridget Jones ‘Oooh, it’s a fight, a real fight!’. Apparantly it’s really something that Wales won, I think I’m too English to appreciate it.

It was 20 years ago today…

… that a young boy named Danny Ramsay was having a nightmare about his brother Shane drowning in a swimming pool, Des Clarke was having a bucks night from hell, and Paul Robinson was trying to hold everything together without letting his gran know about the stripper… Through a couple of twists and turns (including Des eventually marrying the stripper) we are brought to today’s big events… Who started the Lassiter’s fire? Will Karl Kennedy ever find out the truth about Izzy Hoyland? And just what is Paul Robinson up to?

Happy birthday Neighbours, 20 years old in Australia today. I would link to the brand spanking new forum started at midnight UK time last night, but it proved just a little too popular and went the way of most Neighbours forums in the past week and stopped working. Fortunately the Neighbours formula is working very well even after 20 years, it’s going to be a fantastic year, loads more returning cast and storylines to blow your socks off. Or at least blow up the fansites.

59 and 11 days

that’s how old Alan Rickman is today, which with some consultation of my last post and a trick I call math means that I must be exactly 29. Hurrah! Also Happy birthday to Antonio Vivaldi, 327 today (unless he died and no-one told me…).

I am celebrating by going to Laserzone (e-mail me for details if you know me and want to go) and the pub this evening. Also out for lunch, but that happens every Friday.

Have a good day, wherever you are