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Happy Christmas!

Yeah, I know it’s a day early, but I’m now out in the wilds of the East Midlands where internet is achieved by a process beginning with rubbing 2 sticks together and tying some tin cans together with string… well ok, not quite that bad, but I’ve been spoilt by broadband. Anyway, I’ll leave you with day 24, and catch you on the other side of the festivities. Have a good one xxx

What's behind the square window?

Eve Eve

Getting excited now, have seen my (wrapped up) presents, and have wrapped everyone else’s. Want to play. Unfortunately a 5 (at least) hour car journey stands between me and Xmas, pass the fruit drops…

J – it was Joe’s, why what other ice cream parlours are on my way home? Also our friendly local greengrocer appears to have ceased trading :( – back to Spar then?

Here’s day 23:

What's behind the square window?

All Christmassed up…

Swansea has to be the ice cream capital of Britain. Where else is it considered a normality to have not just one, but several ice cream parlours open all the year round without question? Where else would people gather for sundaes over the Christmas holidays and watch the waves breaking against the shore over a Knickerbokerglory in January?

I celebrated my Christmas shopping being finished by enjoying a Christmas pudding flavoured cone on my way home from town. Christmas pudding flavoured ice cream is the most fantastic invention ever, and a bargain at £1 a cone. I was well chuffed. Swansea’s main defence against becoming a cloned McCity is not Griff Rhys-Jones in a comedy drama, or Dylan B*@#%y Thomas’ legacy. It is ice cream. In January.

Here’s day 22:

What's behind the square window?

Didn’t we have a loverly time?

We were in Bangor yesterday, it was indeed lovely, nice shops and a chance to meet up with old friends. Yes, Aussie/New Zealand people are fine to look at the calendar when it becomes the right day where you are, in that respect, yesterday was the only day you had it right. Yes, there was a spelling mistake on the joke yesterday, I hope that’s OK now.

Day 16 then, sorry for the delay to those Down Under!

What's behind the square window?