Monthly Archives: October 2004


that’s the state of our skirting boards apparantly, the mushrooms were a big clue, but the man from Rentokil has confirmed it. Expensive times ahead I fear.

Still, we have some lovely new Ikea furniture, so our CDs are now safely away in a cabinet rather than in the (admittedly aesthetically pleasing) colour co-ordinated spectrum across the mantelpiece. In putting our DVDs and videos in the other cabinet we managed to throw away 2 bin bags worth of videos that we have had for years and never got around to watching. I really ought to continue in this vein for as long as possible, we have an awful lot of junk in this house.

Last week was spent visiting Soo and the bamphires. They’re fine, R and D are growing up fast, D was 3 on Friday, and R starts full days at school next week.

Hmm, really I should visit the charity shop with a couple of bags of stuff that was too good to throw. I’m more used to leaving charity shops with bundles of stuff in my arms, not actually leaving stuff there. It seems to me that there are the type of people that give to charity shops and the type of people that buy from charity shops, and then there’s people like me who reach critical mass and have no other choice but to change tactic. Mercifully, it all helps.


Watched Se7en the other day, and was disturbed to discover that the enduring image I had from first watching the film (in the cinema) was actually a split second flash shot. Amazing the tricks that memory plays. I won’t tell you what the shot was in case you haven’t seen the movie (you should), but did anyone else manage that?

Less of a good film was ‘The January Man’, watched as part of some research for a later feature of this blog of a review of some sort of all Alan Rickman films that I have seen. It was watchable though.

Took our youthgroup bowling last night, but due to a lane shortage beyond our control, I wound up in laserzone with some of the kids. Great fun, and I think I’m getting better, although our team lost both games.