Monthly Archives: August 2004

Midnight at 4am

It seems that Midnight’s Children not only makes more sense after odd films, but also it’s great at 4 am when you can’t sleep. Our reading group discussion could be interesting on this one, enough of us I think will finish it in time, and are enjoying it enough, others couldn’t face beyond page 30.

I’m keeping up the supply of odd films though, Adaptation last night, a definite recommendation, really a landmark film. any film recommendations from out there, please use the comments thread to suggest, and I might even watch them!

Darren Stark is back in Neighbours, very cool, and with another dastardly character set for a return in the next few weeks, Ramsay Street is the place to be.

If I were a butterfly… I wouldn’t be inside on a day like this.

A long day spent preparing for a prayer meeting. Not only could I not find the acetates for ‘If I Were A Butterfly’ (which for some reason we decided to sing) we also didn’t have any acetates. The local stationers, although helpful enough to be there and sell acetates charged through the nose, and so when one cocked up I found myself scratching off the words ‘fuzzy wuzzy bear’ so that the 90p sheet would not go to waste.

Another shop opened today, very near the stationers, it is very odd to have a delicatessen in walkable distance from my house (and right underneath the flat of one regular reader of this blog, but she’s away on holiday). They sell very nice cheese anyway, please visit their site if you live near them, and encouraging them to stock fair trade produce would be good. Ta.

Anyway, must go, the prayer meeting and a bacon sandwich calls.

media roundup.

Salman Rushdie is progressing quite well now, I struck upon the idea of reading it after watching ‘Spirited Away’, given that not many things are more bizarre than that. It worked, the book seemed positively normal. Now I just have to keep a topped up supply of odd films and I’m fine.

Watched ‘The Fisher King’ last night – very disappointing, I was expecting it from the description to be enchanting, instead it was just confusing. Couple of nice cameos from David Hyde Pearce and John De Lancie (although neither would have been well known enough I think at the time?), but not in summary a good film.

We finished watching Cold Feet (having managed to miss all 5 series when they were on tv) on dvd last week. Much better than Friends (and I liked Friends), the British can produce good comedy, they just don’t watch it.