Monthly Archives: June 2004

Only in Australia…

In case Sky, Boyd, Serena, Summer, Lisa, Scott and the rest of the students at Erinsborough High want to transfer to Hogwarts, this will let them how much it would cost (it does pounds too), Thanks to the Leaky Cauldron (see links on the left) for that one.

Of course, they might well have gone to Hogwarts, along with the rest of the street for all we’ll know for the next 2 weeks, as Neighbours takes it’s annual tennis break. That means it’s the fortnight of the year when I get a life. Hmm.

Must go get a Fathers day card sent and get down to the library to take my books back before they’re even more overdue.

And apparantly they’ve cancelled the BB evictions tonight, so that’ll be not worth watching again then – a continuing theme for this series.

Amusing Searches

What sort of person types ‘woodworm in fridge’ into Google?
I’m number 6 hit, and I’m fairly well acquainted with the number one entry as well.
I hope they found what they we looking for, although I’m probably going to be less helpful to the next punter by describing the search terms.

Forgive me, I was up very late last night completing my art class portfolio, and have spent the morning drawing the Moondial.

For those of you of a not-easily-offended nature, might I point you in the direction of this game? I can’t get past level 5 myself, keep blasting angels by mistake.

Birthday Honours

The deserving:
John Hurt
Roger McGough
Pam Ayres
Phil Redmond

The less deserving:
Richard Whitely
Patricia Routledge

The totally undeserving:
my ex-headmaster (who for some reason I feel compelled to let remain anonymous)

The world can be both a fair and unfair place.


The Gower Festival was excellent. Special mention must go to Emily Portman and Lauren McCormick, John Tams, Coope Boyes and Simpson, Bob Fox and Oliver Knight (on sound). All in wonderful surroundings, great weather and with an entertaining duck chorus.

Hey Hey are you ready to play?

The Tweenies, unlikely heroes of the modern age are on a mission… to save the nursery rhyme. Apparantly modern day infants are not being exposed to the likes of Jack Horner, Bo Peep and Georgie Porgie, and so Jake, Bella, Fizz and Milo are stepping forward as a quartet of Cecil Sharps for the discerning toddler, in an effort to revive this essential oral tradition. vote for your favourite here.

I have a rather folky weekend in store, with folk dancing in the local school hall tonight, and the excellent Gower Festival over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rather excited.


This is an experiment with a name so cool it had to be used somewhere, preferably for me.

If people don’t come and see me in my new place, I’ll move back to the old one.

I caught the fairies, and the dragonflies, and the flying seahorses – very barbaric for a children’s game.

I think someone’s letting fireworks off outside, but I can’t see them.

I really should be doing my art homework – more trees, this time in collage form.

Catching fairies

… No, I am, the latest Harry Potter video game is proving much more entertaining than the last, I need to get some fairy wings though, which seems more than a little intolerant of magical creatures.

Our reading group has chosen Vikram Seth’s ‘An Equal Music’ to read this month, very enjoyable, and interesting to get the perspective of the violinist rather than the violist… is that a word?

Neighbours today managed a very understated comeback, as Sky Mangel was reading through her late mother Kerry’s diary, Kerry’s voice took over… that of the actress that had originally played her. It’s not often that the Aussie soaps manage to be subtler than the British ones, but if the BBC had tried this approach, we’d have certainly been spared ‘Dirty Den, the comeback years’.