Monthly Archives: April 2004

“Sin, one small word, eternal consequences” [Mrs Ormerod ‘Anita and Me’]

I have a youthgroup 10 minute Bible study to lead tonight on the topic of sin. Any ideas?

Can’t get the Playstation to work, and that’s next weeks youthgroup activity.

Last night’s folk club was a bit of an auditory detox after a day of music (how can I say this…) not to my taste in church. The evening also brought us the very sad news of the death of a great local christian/folk singer-songwriter on Good Friday. He was definitely one of the good guys. Rest in peace Tony.

Where’d the weekend go?

Anyway. Deaconly devotions went well. I’ve been looking through some old photographs from when our church hall was built (in time for its 10th anniversary). Most people haven’t really changed in 10 years (kids excepted, naturally). Maybe I just don’t recognise the ones that have.

Today I think is the day to measure up for bookshelves and a desk, a trip to Ikea being imminent. It’s like a rite of passage into any new home these days, I would rebel, but I can’t afford to.

I’ve been put to looking after a sunflower for a kid who wasn’t at youthgroup last week. Well a sunflower seed in a pot really (yes, with soil). Should I keep it inside, or stick it out in the yard? It seems a bit cold outside today, so I’ll keep it under the glass roof ’till it warms up a bit I think.

Time for more tea.


I think too much has happened to allow a full update at this point. We’re working on settling in to the new house. We’ve had visitors for the past week one of whom updated her wiblog from our house before we did!

Currently I’m preparing a drama sketch for a deacon’s meeting devotional session, and have borrowed a kid’s cash register from a friend, just need to find a calendar – probably the wibsite one.

Easter was good – lots of chocolate and hot cross buns, and we saw Shaun of the Dead (cool) and attempted to bury Rhys on the beach, and drank lots and lots of tea (no change there then).

And now we have a whole new life in our new place to look forward to. It’s raining, but that’s Swansea.