Monthly Archives: March 2004

Still not packed

and now less than a week to go.

Just dropped in to this blog though to let my fellow ladies who lunch be reassured that we are meeting at 1 at the BdJ.

We’ve got to the stage of packing now, that most of our meals are now planned for outside our house, as we’ve run the pantry down. Friends are just great. We were also provided with a set of bedroom curtains last night at housegroup, Highly useful, as the ones in there at the moment are threadbare, and will be expensive to replace. I sense a trip to Ikea in our near future, it comes to us all. Well, no actually, we go to it, but you get the general sense of the sentiment.

Going to see The Passion of the Christ tomorrow, having read Richard’s review (wibsite front page) the thing I’m most looking forward to is the Harry Potter trailer.

Can you pass 3rd Grade?

I would argue that as an England-educated person, I’m at a slight disadvantage, but after some slight practice (no, I’m not telling you how much) I can pass this test. Thanks to Lori, via Caren via the wibsite front page for that one.

Due to the number of readers of this blog looking for pictures of Marmite, I did the decent thing and took a photo of some Marmite, however before I could upload the image onto the computer, Rhys wandered off with the digital camera, if you are looking for such a picture, rest assured it will be here within the week. Unless we’re moving next week (vaguely likely), in which case it may have to wait a while.

slight confusion

I’m usually good with faces on the telly, and can tell you where I’ve seen people before (usually it’s Neighbours or Grange Hill) but it seems that for the past few months I’ve been getting Julianne Moore confused with Laura Linney. To be fair, they do look uncannily similar. Anyway we watched ‘The Life of David Gale’ last night, with who I thought was Julianne, but turned out on closer inspection to be Laura. It was, nevertheless a fantastic film, but if I tell you why it’ll spoil it. Oh, I know I seem to be doing this a lot recently (I like to think it’s because I’m responsible to other people’s sensibilities rather than twisted in my own), but it is fairly explicit and gruesome, so if that’s not your thing, don’t watch.

Still no house news.

Chas – Geobars are available from Traidcraft, Oxfam, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Well worth it, the cranberry and raisin ones are the best.

And relax!

The youthwork talk went fine, and they all took their stones home as a reminder not to judge others (will have to remember that one in future).

Am currently writing up a drama sketch that I wrote in my head during last Sunday’s sermon (well the 2nd 1/2, having slept through the first 1/2). It does relate to what I was hearing at the time, and probably goes to prove that we all learn in different ways, some need to hear it, some to read it, some to see it and some apparently to write and perform it.

Still no house news, might be the end of the week before we get a date. Really I’m quite relaxed about it, as long as we’re in by Easter it’ll be fine.

I might be getting addicted to cranberry and raisin Geo-bars, or maybe it’s because they’re just there and I don’t have to cook them?

Mothers Day cards and adultery

That’s the theme for the youth group this evening – guess who drew the short straw and gets to do the talk about ‘the woman caught in the act of having sex with someone who wasn’t her husband, and narrowly escapes being stoned to death’ to a group of 9-14 year olds?

Unfortunately it’s not one of those passages where you can skim over the sex bit. I’m thinking of impressing the seriousness of it onto them by handing them each a small stone. If I escape alive, I’ll let you know how it went.

Weekend was good, still no moving date.

I have 2 deacons meetings this week, how did that happen?


I just found a new Alan Rickman page, complete with a very detailed biography (now will someone believe me that he is the voice on Tubular Bells II?) and some fantastic wallpaper which will keep my desktop going for a good while yet.

The house move is still proving to be an enigma, it hasn’t stopped me looking at lots of home furnishing websites this morning though.

Looking forward to a good weekend, dinner with friends tonight and dead dog book club tomorrow (yes Nessa, I’ve just reminded myself to think of some discussion starters…).

Also I need to get my doodle card done, screaming agaist the deadline as usual, I suppose they can still make use of the donation, even if the drawing isn’t in on time.

Just doing my job

As Andy’s blog went offline some time ago I consider it my civic duty to promote the fact that Shaun of the Dead will be reaching a cinema screen near you in less than a month. As a grown-up, responsible type person I should point out that it is an 18 certificate movie involving the undead, and if either of those two facts makes you uneasy about going to see it, then it’s not for you. As a not-very-grown-up, completely irresponsible person, I’m going to urge everyone to see it, because it’ll be fantastic. (And if the cast of ‘Spaced’, plus Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton in a romantic comedy with zombies means anything to you, you’ll be on my side I’m sure (unless you’re one particular regular reader of this blog, and you know who you are, and don’t see it – it’ll give you nightmares)).

There seems to be very little progress on the house move front, despite the fact that we’ve signed contracts.

Finished ‘Anita and Me’, it was actually dead good when I got into it, but now I keep veering into a Black Country accent. By May we’ll have read 4 books in a row involving a dead dog somewhere along the plot. My suggestion of naming our currently nameless reading group ‘The Dead Dog Book Club’ has met with mixed response so far – any opinions?

Good morning

I survived turning 28, thanks to those wishing me a happy birthday, even those doing so via someone else’s blog.

The weekend was great, a 98th birthday, a 30th birthday, and a visit from my brother before he disappears to Japan for a year. We did our bit by taking him to the local Vietnamese and taught him to use chopsticks.

Hopefully next weekend will be taken up in frantic packing before we move, but I’ve tempted fate once on this blog, so I’ll try not to again.

Nelly, in answer to your well wishes on nessa’s blog, I honestly wish I could hope for a happy ending with Karl and Susan, but it’s not looking good is it? The good news however is that my American readership will be able to have half a clue as to what I’m on about, as Neighbours is about to be shown from episode 3418 (the Scully’s arrival) in the States. Thanks to the BBC
for that nugget of news. Elsewhere on Neighbours, things are really not looking good for Harold, his stroke seems to have brought on a complete personality reversal, and as one who reads too many spoilers for her own good, I can tell you it’ll get worse.

Task for today is finishing my book for book club, Anita and Me by Meera Syal, which I’m enjoying, just finding slightly less gripping than it needs to be to hold my attention. Oh well.

Doctor, doctor, my son can’t pronounce his ‘f’s or his ‘t’s…

…Well he can’t say fairer than that then.

Yes it’s Fair Trade Fortnight and all across the nation we are appreciatively gobbling our Fair Trade bananas (20% off at the Co-op, 50p voucher off Clipper tea at Sainsbury’s), and sipping our ethically sourced cocoa.

There is a Rory McLeod concert in aid of Fair trade in Swansea, as well as various church coffee mornings and stalls everywhere. Swansea’s shopping centre was sporting a Fair Trade stall, complete with guitar-strumming musical accompaniment today. Couldn’t tell if the guitarist was any good, as the acoustics in the Quadrant aren’t.

Although it is Cardiff that was awarded the title of Fair Trade City this week (trailing miserably behind Ammanford, who gained it last year), I feel that Swansea are making a supreme effort in the name of true Fair Trade. Fairness across the board meaning equal opportunities to multinational competition. Swansea’s first city centre Starbucks opens on Monday, serving Fair Trade coffee as its coffee of the week. You really can’t say fairer than that.