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Man of a thousand faces…

Ian Hart. I heard this man described as ‘a relatively unknown actor’ the other day, this is probably a fair comment as most people would be hard pushed to put a face to the name, what is interesting about this man I discovered when I looked up his imdb entry, is the number of names you can put to his face. He has played in his 21 years in the business: John Lennon, Daniel Defoe, Brian Keenan, Doctor Watson, Arthur Conan Doyle and Ludwig Van Beethoven! That’s a fairly versatile face in anyone’s book, he’s also played Professor Quirrell, and had parts in films as far apart stylistically as ‘The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain’ and ‘Michael Collins’. Perhaps this man needs to become known, maybe he guards his privacy well. Sometimes the cult of celebrity just passes by the door. Invisibility it seems is not acheived by being no-one, but by being anyone.

The North wind shall blow, and we shall have snow…

Yes, as readers of Nessa’s wiblog and residents of this ugly and sometimes lovely city will know, if you’re dreaming of Swansea tonight, make sure you dream it white.

So (and feel free to hum the appropriate tune, whatever you think it may be) the gallery continues here:
don't you just love having a view?
This is the view that greeted us this morning, as we went to the car. Said car didn’t start until after lunch, so we had a lovely morning involving a walk in the park, watching the kids on their sleds and seeing neighbours’ snowmen. (I’ll put more pictures of all of that up on request, if you ask nicely). Then…

Your lips are like cherries...oh.
I made my own mini snowman while Rhys worked from home. All in all a good morning I feel. those in Devon have all the fun ahead of them.

As I’ve been a bit lax on Harold news of late I should point out that he’s suffered a stroke, Could this be the end of the Jellybelly we’ve grown to love? Tune in weekdays at 5:35pm to find out.

A national obsession?

It seems that the humble doodle is getting a new lease of life, thanks to various efforts, and celebrity support.

Not only can you now get your doodles on the telly, albeit on a subscription channel, you can also join in the celebrations for … wait for it … National Doodle Day!

Actually the most interesting part of this is not the fact that we have an excuse for something we’d do anyway whilst whiling away the time on a Friday afternoon, but the E-bay celebrity doodle auction. It’s fascinating in just so many ways. For a start it’s far more reliable than the ‘A-lists’ and ‘D lists’ from TPTB, in that we can see by how much people are prepared to pay for the memorabilia that Jake is the most popular Tweenie, and that Nick Park is currently more than 10 times cooler than Graham Norton. Also interesting is the descriptions given after the names – an interesting insight into what, given only limited wordspace to describe someone, is the pinnacle of their career. Some make perfect sense (Alan Titchmarsh – Ground Force, David Sneddon – Winner of Fame Academy), but others, you have to wonder… Lord Jeffrey Archer – Prison Diary, Helena Bonham-Carter – Fight Club, Giles Bradreth – Countdown. That’s all before you get to looking at some of the actual doodles themselves – I’ll leave you to find your favourite celebrities, if you’re thinking of making a bid consider that while you’d need to pay about £500 for a Nick park original, you could help save the reputation of an ex Newsround presenter with no current bids for only 99p, and get a really bad drawing too!

In other non-drawing news, I’ve been trying for about a week to seamlessly link into this wiblog Richard Thompson’s description of his visit to the Ironic Grill. I give up, there it is.

Happy doodling!

[edit: if you don’t normally read the comments on this thing, make an exception, if you do, then don’t make an exception. Ta.]

Well that was a silly thing to do

No sooner do I mention the fact that we’re moving soon in this blog, I find out that actually, we’re not. The move has been put back another 3 weeks at least – time to sort out the rest of the filing cabinet then.

We had some nice men come and put a fence up in our garden anyway, so the house is up to scratch. We’re just going to be living round boxes for another month.

And having pretty much run all of our food down, we’re now having to go shopping to re-fill all of our cupboards only to run them down in another month.

Such is life.

Where have all the flowers gone?

girls have picked them, every one, apparantly. Well at least that’s cleared up then.

For other items, however their final destination is not so easily deduced. For example if there’s no silicon heaven, where do all the calculators go? An old favourite of this wiblog Richard Thompson offers some thought as to where all the odd socks go, as well as some very helpful advice as to where their left behind counterparts can usefully be sent.

In sorting through our filing cabinet yesterday, we did at least discover where all of the out of date vouchers, empty envelopes and used up cheque books go, but as our moving date may turn out to be a fair bit earlier than previously expected, I think the other 3 drawers of the unit could remain unsorted for some time.

Who knows where the time goes?

Thanks to diamond geezer much of yesterday got lost in The Mysteries of Time and Space. I finished it, but be warned, it does eat your day, or at least afternoon.

Talking of disappearing time, it seems that we’re moving in just over a fortnight. Although I have made major inroads into the packing it’s the junk that’s the problem. Do we want it? Is it quicker just to shove it in a box than sort through what needs to go to a charity shop / the bin? I just know there’ll be boxes that I pack over the next week that will remain packed for years.

In and sedentary…

If you have any subscription channels on your TV, I strongly recommend you try to catch Iron Chef at some point – a culinary spin-off of Takeshi’s Castle, and sort of a cross between that and Ready Steady Cook, with a bit of Banzaii and Masterchef thrown in. The best thing is the name of the episodes, last night we caught the end of ‘Battle Cabbage’ on Challenge TV, Battle Yoghurt looks like a must-see episode. This is what TV should be about.

Also it meant I got to see the start of the new (and final) series of Friends a whole 24 hours before it’s aired on terrestrial UK TV. I could then have watched ER and something about finding a wife for Prince William, but decided to quit while I was winning, and go read a book. So, not the sort of think I would normally read, but linked to the Wibsite front page last year, therefore I’m blaming you lot, and in the meantime, thoroughly enjoying the break between other books.

Talking of books, it’s our reading group tonight, we’re discussing The Woman in White (see 2 links back), For once, I think everyone has enjoyed it, but we’ll see, I’m sure if that’s the case we’ve all enjoyed it for our own very different reasons, so the discussion should be freeflowing, and hopefully the wine too…