Monthly Archives: December 2003

December 17th, a good time to start getting excited about…

…next years festivals.

It’s not often that I’m glad I live in Swansea as a direct result of the music, but next June the line-up of the Gower Folk Festival 2004 is unmissable.

Not much info on others as yet, aside from dates. Greenbelt will be themed around the phrase ‘Freedom Bound’, and has John Bell and Chad Myers booked. Fairport will be at Cropredy (OK I’ll stop stating the obvious now).

Oh well, time to start writing Christmas cards, and dreaming of the summer…

I’m ill

Just thought I’d tell everyone. I have a cold – and a party for a church youth group to attend in less than 4 hours time. I’ve been up since 4:30am, because I couldn’t sleep, due to only being able to breathe when sitting/standing up and conscious. This is not good. I knew today would not be a good one when my (free off the back of a cereal packet) ‘Chilly and Friends’ advent calendar had a picture of a smiling dog in it.

All of this being the case, I put off Christmas shopping for another day, and stayed home, only to see the most strange edition of Neighbours for quite some time. A celebration of a Serbian Othodox Saints Day , or Krsna Slava. At least Jack and Izzy weren’t featured, or Chandler’s Dad Nina’s mum.

slightly late

My wiblog (along with the rest) was down yesterday, so I wasn’t able to warn anyone about ‘Little Britain’, so sorry if you watched it.

My advent calendar contained a lollipop in the shape of a Christmas Stocking – lovely.

Love Actually was a great film, although Mr Rickman was undoubtedly the most gorgeous man on the screen, the show was stolen entirely by Bill Nighy, Rhys and I enjoyed our trip to the cinema together, and may go more often than once every 6 years in the future.