Monthly Archives: November 2003

oooh, has it been that long?

It’s been almost 6 years since Rhys and I went to the cinema together, just the 2 of us. Well, we’re going to rectify that by going to see Love Actually tonight. (This is partially on the basis that if someone wants to go with me to see it, I never mind seeing Alan Rickman films twice!) Then we can come home to ‘The Tall Guy’, which we’ve rented from movietrak. Fab idea, unlimited movie rentals delivered to your door, and no late fees – how groovy!

“Red and Gold are royal colours…”

kudos to anyone (apart from Rhys) who can spot where those lyrics came from without the aid of Google.

I was looking at some internet sites the other day for pretty Christmas decorations. I wasn’t really intending to buy, you might say I was windows shopping (sorry). But something came to my attention: “Festive Colours” seems these days to describe pretty much any colour you want, therefore becoming a somewhat redundant phrase. Now we always decorate our (green) tree with red and gold decorations, and white lights. I will also concede that silver has a place in the Yuletide colour wheel, as well as brown, and yellow (although the latter is normally just a cheaper version of gold), but there was, for example a set of lights that flashed on and off ‘in festive colours’, these colours were ….pink….orange….purple. No, sorry. I realise that this rant is in danger of competing with ‘the bloke down the pub’, so I’ll stop now.

Love the new Marks and Spencer Christmas ads though, lovely Mr Patrick Stewart, mmm.