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I know. I’ve not updated in ages. In the meantime I’ve been to some graduations, a party, a deacon’s meeting, 2 church services, some expansive gardens, a National Trust house, a castle, out for many meals, and still had time to have 4 guests in the house, swap a matress with the neighbours, and back again, watch some films and tv, finish ‘brave new world’ babysit 2 bamphires, seperately, but for a total of 8 hours, catch up with friends, on the phone and in person, cook for a lot of people, serve my first communion as a deacon (only walking into 1 pew)… and probably some other things as well. I may not be updting very much this week, as I’m off on holiday at the end of it.

A nice clean space…

… to write all over.

It’s a serious one today. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Basically, I have a friend who is currently about the right age to start reading Harry Potter for the first time. I’m not sure if she’ll still be reading it when she gets to my age, but there’s a chance she won’t get to my age at all. Current research suggests that a cure for cystic fibrosis could be just around the corner, all that needs to be raised is £15m. That’s 34p for every adult in the UK. Those are the facts. This is the link.

I’ll return later with more of the usual I think you’ll know that that had to be said.

Ok, to clarify

this wiblog is not the place to offend people from the West Midlands. For people that are obviously too dimwitted to pick up any contextual clues, it should be stated that I have a large family from that part of the world, many of whom still live there, also a number of friends.

You’d think that people would have the sense when they have just read an entry about accent/dialogue to not then post discriminatory comments about people with a different accent to them. Clearly not.

The Black country dialect with which I grew up with, and indeed the Brummie accent as a whole is one of the most wonderful accents in the British Isles. Lilting and carefree for much of the time, but perfect for sarcastic dry wit – think Lenny Henry, Jasper Carrot, Noddy Holder.

I shall leave the comments on the previous log, so you’ll know I’m not ranting about nothing, and perhaps the guilty will repent.



haven’t updated in a little while…

So, what’s been happening? Well, apparently, popular band Evanescence went online over the weekend to rally against rumours that they are a Christian band. Spookily they then fall from their #1 spot in the charts shortly afterwards. Coincidence? Divine judgement? Or were they just not that good after all. Oh well, they served their purpose, the Fast Food Rockers never topped the charts.

Some people think it’s just me that speaks with an odd accent, and uses curious words every now and again. I have now found online evidence to back up the facts that there is such a thing as a Nottinghamshire dialect, if you would like to know how to speak ‘Nottnum’, you could do worse than clicking here or here. For those that haven’t met me, my accent int that strong, having been brought up a little outside of Nottingham, with strong Brummie influences, and having lived in Wales for the past 8 years, 1/2 of that time with a Welsh speaking husband.

Ok, looks like rain, time to get the washing in…

OK, let’s get this straight

It appears that people think that I need to be told that ‘Aqualung’ is a Jethro Tull album. Well, I don’t, I just figured the comment would be too obvious to make on a wiblog of impeccable music taste. Clearly not, and I apologise. People patently do need to be educated. I suggest here as a good place to start.

A new banner went up in church at the weekend bearing the words “Everything that has breath praise the Lord”. I was briefly involved in one of the planning meetings, but they ignored my suggestion of putting a picture of an aqualung on it. It does have a scarily disproportionate squirrel though, and some Good News Bible people.

Wood – I don’t consider my music to be whiney – which particular bits were you referring to? Or was that just an attempt to get me back for knocking your music tastes? I which case, fair enough, I won’t take it seriously.

Anyway, it’s a happy day today. Wimbledon is over, so Neighbours is back from it’s fornight’s break. Apologies for any bad moods incurred as a result of this two-week break in transmission. All should be well and good by this evening.


Currently listening to the free Aqualung CD that came through the post this morning. I saw the CD on offer on the web, and decided that a preview of one of the Greenbelt acts wouldn’t go amiss. And it’s actually quite good. Bit whinier than I would normally go for, but I’ll probably go and see them at Greenbelt – and it will also help to get good positions for Billy Bragg.

Book Club was good, this month is Brave New World, then it’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being for August. The consensus was that we probably wouldn’t recommend White Teeth to other readers. So don’t bother ;)

Edit – due to some further research I have discovered that Aqualung is not a band, but one bloke – Matt Hales to be precise. So please replace the ‘them’ in paragraph one with ‘him’. Thank you.

It’s sunnier today…

…and so is my mood. Sorry if i guilt tripped anyone into updating any parts of the internet yesterday – you know those days when you are sat at your computer and wanting to see something interesting, and everything just stays the same, and it seems like the internet has finally stopped being interesting? Well that was yesterday, but this is today, and as I said, it’s sunnier, so that makes all the difference.

Spent last night learning to play Canasta, which was fun, but had the chance of being more so, had my partner also managed to grasp the point of the game. Never mind, I feel a re-match is in order on Thursday?

In case anyone who normally lunches with me is reading this and expecting to go to lunch sometime this week, please feel free to organise it. I can manage any day except today. Ta.