Monthly Archives: June 2003


It appears that the internet is falling asleep. Blogs are falling behind in their updates, forums are left desolate and deserted, inboxes remain resolutely blank.

It could be just me, but the internet seems to be having a quiet day today. This would not normally be a problem, but having set aside today to sort out a wardrobe full of junk, I’m finding myself having frequent web-breaks, only to find that nothing has been updated anywhere since about Friday (OK, slightly exaggerated, but still, not much.)

In other news, barn dance was OK, could have done with more people willing to actually dance (I’m not sure why most people were there if they refused to get out of their seats and dance a little) and less children risking life and limb by running around in the middle of the dance floor. Still, an enjoyable evening with good beer.

Book club meets tomorrow – we discuss White Teeth, whilst drinking more lovely beer.


Some stuff arranged into numbered points for no obvious reason:

1 – I’ll shut up about Harry Potter now if the wonderousness of the internet means that my work gets commented on by one person who lives about 50 metres from my house.

2 – Dave, yes it is usually safe to assume that Rhys has discovered most of the internet, but these days it’s more and more because I discover it, then tell him.

3 – Bamphire comment of the day – in a crowded shop in town R is unhelpfully moving a footstool around the aisles and standing on it. I advise her that this is not a good course of action. 30 seconds later I hear a little voice that sounds endearingly like Shaggy from Scooby Doo… “don’t look now Auntie Nemerly!”

4 – Kate Rusby’s new album comes out 4 days before Greenbelt – some concentrated listening due between 18th and 22nd of August then. For those interested it will be called ‘Underneath the Stars’

5 – I managed to get 3 dvds I’ve wanted for ages in the HMV sale today, 2 for £3.99, and a special edition for £9.99 – and yes it is a special edition worth having – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. So I’m happy.

6 – Going to a barn dance tonight – should be good, will report on return, or maybe tomorrow.

Absence explained…

I’ve been reading Harry Potter. Not only that, but in response to Andy’s calls for some serious editing to Rowling’s 766 pages, I’ve condensed the entire book into 766 words.

However this version does contain many spoilers, so please don’t blame me for telling you who dies without any warning. You were warned, you click on this link as a product of your own choosing.

Also, please be sensible – there may well be spoilers in the comments section of this entry. Don’t read if you don’t want to know. Any spoilers posted in any other comments section than this will be moved or deleted.

Thanks, if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Harold Update

… because it’s been a while. Well for a start, we all need to get our voices in tune, to sing happy birthday to Ian Smith, or perhaps a certain Beatles song would be more appropriate, as he’s 64 today.

Actor aside, Harold is having a pretty tough time on both UK Gold and BBC 1 at the moment, in the former, he has his wife back, and is beginning to fall in love all over again, but has a rival in the shape of Lou Carpenter. In the latest episodes to reach the UK screens, Lou and Harold are the best of friends, but living with camp hairdresser Gino Esposito is proving to be somewhat of a problem.

And no, I’m not even going to start making any American translations for all of that, if you look back in this log, and are that bored, you may piece together what I’m on about, but small bits of information about a popular Aussie soap that is not shown in the US is probably not of that much interest to most Americans. I’ll try and do a more transatlantic friendly log next time.

Always wear an apron when cooking with children in the room…

Soo, her bamphires and I were making her a birthday cake this morning. We decided that ‘beat with a wooden spoon for 2 minutes’ sounded too much like hard work, and that ‘or with an electric whisk for one minute’ was the option for us. All went well, we got the whisk going, then R (eldest bamphire, aged 3) held the whisk for a bit until it looked ‘smooth and glossy’. Great – now what’s the next step? We turn to look at the recipe book, and in that split second, R wonders what happens when she flicks the switch on the whisk again…

Well what happens is that Lemly hears the noise, turns back around, and in the moment it takes to realise what is going on and turn the whisk off, get splattered from head to toe in cake mix!

I didn’t yell, but in trying not to laugh, I asked her “R – what have you done?” in a slightly more exasperated tone than usual. R, realising that what happens when you flick the switch is that you cover your friend in batter was inconsolable for a few minutes, until we got it cleaned up, and let her try some of the mix.

Incidentally the cake, especially when layered with chocolate fudge icing (frosting, to anticipate the transatlantic translation) was gorgeous, you can not only see Soo baking in its glow on her own wiblog, if you click her link of the day, you get to see the cake in all its unlit glory too!

I don’t mean to Bragg…

… but wearing this t-shirt to church yesterday, I got more comments than on anything else I’ve worn ever. Odd.

Vote of the day in Rhys’ comments thread, Wood states that he feels like the last cool man on earth because Rhys and I alphabetised our CD collection. Despite the rather worrying extension to this train of thought being that Rhys was the next-to-last-coolest-man-on-earth, I feel it is time for an opinion poll:

Which is more tragic?

A – alphabetising your CD colletion?

B – constantly monitoring your CD collection so that only the 40 or so ‘coolest’ CDs are on public view in the living room, and the rest are out of sight in the office?

The comments thread is there to use – vote now! Come on, I’ve got the advantage over big Brother, it’s free!