Monthly Archives: April 2003


Apparantly this wiblog is the place to come to see whether lunch has been organised for today. Well, I honestly can’t remember, but it’s too wet, and I have a cold, so I won’t be there.

My Harold campaign could gain strength as of today, as he has made a return on the vintage episodes of Neighbours on UK Gold. For those who can’t remember that far back (ha ha) Harold was brought back onto the show to boost audience figures, some years after the character had fallen off a cliff. As the body had never been found, the explanation was that he had been suffering from amnesia (he thought his name was Ted). And presumably theat he was a very strong swimmer. So now you can get double the fun. Aah.

So how do you defrost yours?

Spent this afternoon defrosting the freezer, strangely I seem to be the only person I know to think of using a hairdryer to do this. People are slightly shocked when I divulge my method of fast-defreeze. Maybe they think I am stupid enough to let the water drip into the hairdryer or something? Not only does it speed the process up wonderfully, but it also gives slight control over the direction the water is running, so you can do with a washing up bowl and a few towels.

Saw All About Eve last night, and their support band Karnataka. They were good, but not a patch on Fairport. Did like the use of rock tamborines in the support act, but All About Eve’s aborted attempt to sing their only hit was perhaps a little bit amateur. Still a good evening, with good friends. As I commented as I poured my can of Worthingtons into my first plastic pint glass of the year – let the festival season begin.

Slight pause in my diet tonight, as I decided that the Easter egg in the fridge was just too tempting just, sat there, so I got it out of the way by eating it. I wasn’t as co-ordinated in my TV viewing as Amanda, I was watching a programme about barges.

Radio Treats

I am hopeless at actually listening to the radio, so I use the ‘Listen Again’ function on the computer quite often. Worthy of particular note this week are:

(1) Sandy Denny tribute on the Mike Harding programme on Radio 2

(thanks to Nanny for pointing out that one)

(2) Kate Rusby and John McCusker on Late Juntion – Radio 3 Thursday

(3) Richard Thompson on Andy Kershaw tonight – Radio 3 11:15.

I know I could technically listen to that last one live, but I really don’t think I’ll mange to keep the fact in my head all day.

It’s finally raining like it means it in Swansea, on the day I’m going to meet friends for lunch, although we’ve decided to leave our garden demolition project to the elements for a few days, to see if it makes it any easier to shift when it brightens up again.

Oh, I haven’t done a Harold update in a while, so lets see… he has got rid of his gambling ladyfriend, and is now getting very excited about his new dvd player, with the complimentary dvd – ‘Showgirls’ (he thinks it’s an old musical). Will our faithful friend be fatally corrupted by the lure of new technological advances? Tune in daily at 1:45 and 5:35 – you know you want to.

more books

I’m thoroughly caught up in The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Although slow to start, I was totally into it by the second book, and with any luck they should keep me tided over until it’s time to start re- reading the works of Rowling in preparation for June 21st.

In case anyone was interested in my final choice in ‘The Big Read’ it was the Silver Chair, because I really couldn’t choose, and because it has a Marshwiggle in it.


I have not updated in so long, the week’s holiday was far too relaxing, which was great, but I’m running to catch up on real life.

Quick rundown of holidays – went to see parents who live in lovely Midlands village where I grew up. Ate lots, also lost weight – go figure. Drove around in my parents’ 1952 Morris Minor convertable, to a National Trust property where we had cream tea. Family over on Easter day, hunted for cream eggs. Church OK, if disorganised, and fiddle player looked like JK Rowling. Saw a few old friends, drank lots of wine, and played lots of very silly games.

Now back in Sunny (no, really) Swansea, with a half-demolished bandstand, a load of washing to do, and a life to sort out really. Someone else has some news, but I don’t want to mention it until he does, although some of you know already.

Going to an All About Eve concert this weekend, sure they won’t be as good as Fairport though.

No skeletons under the patio… Pity.

I’m a bit sore, but we demolished another 1/4 of the bandstand yesterday. The soreness is not helped that as I was walking rather stiffly downstairs this morning I slipped and did in the elbow that hadn’t been done in yesterday when I fell backwards onto a trowel. At one point we were almost hoping to find a skeleton under the rubble, because that would at least mean the council would finish the job for us.

Apparantly according to breakfast news this morning we should be wearing sunscreen today, as the sun seems to be as fierce as it can be in August. I’m having lunch with friends today, so that’s a good excuse not to be demolishing concrete, then updates may stall for a while as I’m at my parents house over Easter. (They do have a computer though, so I may enter into some foriegn correspondance.)

Why is it as soon as you make one big decision, 3 more come along? Reading anything into that last sentence will probably result in misinterpretation, so I’d ignore it if I were you.

Well if I don’t update before, have a lovely Easter weekend everybody. And remember Fairport are the best band ever in the history of the world, and if you want to dispute this, both wibloggers with the surname Denham have kindly provided comment space on their logs.

fresh air and sledgehammers

Have just spent the afternoon demolishing the top half of what could only have been described as a bandstand left in our garden by the previous residents. Soo and her eldest, R, helped. R disappeared for a while when she got bored, and when she left I discovered she’d hidden a bag of grapes. The 2 kids came back with Soo to ‘help’ find the grapes that “pooh bear hid”, and helped me clear some of the rubble. So thanks Soo and kids, you are wonderful people. Also cut down a bush overhanging from the neighbours house, but forgot to wear gloves, so the scars on the back of my hands are rather telling of a day spent in the garden.

Sorry that that wasn’t very interesting or entertaining, but that’s been my day. I would now like to have a good long soak in the bath, but a quick shower will have to suffice, as the church magazine is currently without a cover, so muggins has to design one.

mmmmmmmmmm… pie.

It’s Friday – where’d the week go? Well partly in playing Whizzball, but that only works in the afternoons, and partly in commenting on Amanda’s Fairport comments thread. The weekend looks set to be more exciting though, as today I am making a banoffee pie in preparation for a Christian Passover celebration tomorrow, and Sunday evening promises an interesting discussion on the values of Monasticism. better go anmd start boiling those cans of milk…