Monthly Archives: March 2003

waxing lyrical?

Mother-in-law’s visit went fine, we have discovered a shared interest in the Beatles, which seems to have confused Rhys somewhat.

Church was interesting, not the usual place so there was that to contend with, also an ‘auto hymnal’, and a short piece which seemed to involve pouring wax over a nice tablecloth. Sermon went off topic a little, but everyone was friendly, and we finished in enough time to drive across town and have our after church cuppa at the usual venue.

Lots of positive answers to prayer recently, mainly for others, but those others really needed it, so it’s helped my faith along too.

Have been researching healthy weight ranges on the computer, and although I’m slightly above an ideal weight range, I have far less to lose than ivillage suggested. Oh well, back to the exercises then…

Stuff and nonsense

We’ve tried for ages to keep on top of the house cleaning, and wondered how others manage to keep a check on the pure amount of stuff that builds up in the average household. We have recently discovered the answer to be regular parental visits. Due to changes in circumstances my mother in law is now stopping over with us on some weekends, and it has made us see our mess in a whole new light – ie something that needs to be not there. So although we are frantically tidying this afternoon, it’s not as bad as a fortnight ago, and we are making moves to make it even easier in future.

I have set up a TV in front of my exercise bike, so although I am still cycling more slowly and less of a distance than Soo, at least I can do so whilst watching Neighbours!

Dreamed last night that I was in a swimming race against Alan Rickman as part of the Graham Norton show, I woke up before it finished, so I don’t know who won. Karen, loved your logic, if anyone can think of any other reasons why Mr Rickman should attend Greenbelt, let me know!

I want to ride my bicycle…

Lovely lunch at the Chattery today. Cheers guys, it was fab! We did seem to have about 1/2 the church in there though, perhaps we should just book the place out on a Friday at 1?

The surveys resulted in many positive results according to the meeting we had last night so the work we did was not in vain. I have to say, I am coming round to the DT position of being very excited (if you weren’t at the meeting, don’t worry)

Diet is going well, and Soo and I are putting my exercise bike to good use by trying to cycle fastest! This does have the consequence of getting us fit though, so it can’t be bad (this is my justification for being slower over less miles today)!

No, seriously Alan, if you’re free in August…

Watched ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ last night with Soo, we think we got what was going on eventually, although the pause button came in useful to gather our thoughts. We were going to watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, but the tape had got too old and wouldn’t play. I think there was too wide a margin of intellect between the 2. Also CTHD suffers from not starring Alan Rickman (only joking).

Neighbours on UK Gold was interesting yesterday, as Cheryl Stark got knocked down and killed by an invisible car. Thankfully it had appeared by today’s episode, but it was a comedy moment that shouldn’t have been.

Had some stuff through from Greenbelt yesterday, and read that Eden Burning are reforming for the festival. Being a Greenbelt newbie this year is going to be particularly exciting for me, as it seems to be my dream line-up already. Mr Rickman, if you’re reading, your presence would be the icing on the cake!

(Well if we have typing cats on the wibsite, surely it’s relatively sane to be talking to actors)

For Nessa

hope this helps

Love ya.

Also – Karen, yes, Castell Coch was subject to a makeover by the Llewelyn-Bowen-esque William Burges, who also applied his skills to Cardiff Castle. It was a nice afternoon out, the admission a snip at £3. Also, if anyone wants to go, let us know, and you can borrow our guidebook, and save your money!

Decisions and disturbances

I’ve made a lot of decisions about what I don’t want to do lately, and today was no exception – must start being more useful in my decision making, that is unless I make so many decisions on what I don’t want to do that there is only a single alternative left that I must take, but I fear that by then I will be too old and/or exhausted.

Jude the Obscure still isn’t finished yet, but managed to be far more disturbing than I first warranted it capable. No explicit sex, but at least the proof of such an action. Please don’t read this book if you are feeling down, it will not help.

Yay, we won the spot the wiblog competition, I note that despite bidding wars, neither Wood or Neil seem to have entered. For shame, I think you should buy Ness a copy of the prize as an apology!

kisses and castles but no lunch

Well, the sexual tension has been slightly relieved in Jude the Obscure, there has been A Kiss. (Oh, and I’ve already teased Nessa for being an English student, and not knowing that Jude is male, so I won’t do that here.)

Rhys and I are going to visit Castell Coch this morning, although I am slightly annoyed at the fact that a large number of people with nothing better to do this afternoon than see a misshapen ball being thrown around a field can stop us having lunch in Cardiff.

Fading into Obscurity

For those that know when I started it, the fact that I am still only just over 1/2 way through ‘Jude the Obscure’ will be a source of amusement. As a general idea, I have no idea. I don’t normally like sex in books, for the reason that is is usually overplayed and tacky, I’d rather that it was just hinted at, but the amount of sexual frustration in this book is getting intolerable. It may be resolved in a satisfactory manner, but I doubt it with Hardy. You can read it for yourself, either by following that link, or buying a copy for a quid practically anywhere, you’ll probably finish it before me. Oh well, it’s an entertaining enough read. Problem is I looked at the list of Penguin Classics in the back of the book, and identified over 60 that I want to read at some point, so I’d better get a move on really.

Bamphires at large

We have patio doors in our living room, you can gaze at our meticulously unkempt garden through them, Soo’s youngest, D has been doing so all winter, last time he went out into our garden he couldn’t walk, and for every visit over the winter, he has spent some time wistfully gazing out of the glass panes, Today, we let him out. And the sheer joy on his face was hilarious. He was dancing and singing and most importantly we felt, gazing in at the living room from the garden…

Wood, in answer to your comment, I could tell you didn’t like the sermon on Sunday by the way you shook your head pretty much all the way through it!

In reply…

… to Karin. In short, no, it wasn’t that kind of sermon, although there was a part about the will of God in our lives, and that comes close. I don’t remember much of the exact wording, which perhaps suggests I should take a notebook and pen into church, and resist it as merely a means to communicate with my neighbour without disturbing too many other people.

I’m not sure there really is a formula for evangelism, but I find that praying does help me find the right words, and I really should do it more often. Being more Christ-like again calls for more prayer and Bible study. I think the main point that was brought home to me yesterday is that we really don’t know whether God exists or not, and we won’t know until we get to heaven – or not. To live your live based on the assumption that He does exist and furthermore died for us – that’s faith. Simple enough words, but so rarely heard from someone standing in front of a Sunday morning congregation.

Sorry, I know that probably doesn’t answer the question, but I hope it helps in some way.