Monthly Archives: February 2003


Still coughing, but have managed not to sniff too hard again.

I’ve had a tune going round my head with odd words, my head does make up odd words from time to time, often independently of my conscience. Andy’s comment can be blamed for these words though…

“Will ye go Harry, go?

And we’ll all go together –

On a magical steam train

All around the burning heather”

Oh well.

Rhys and I have decided that Greenbelt is a must this year. We’ve been thinking of going for years now, but Karen’s tip-off about Billy Bragg enticed us to look at the website and find that Waterson:Carthy and Kate Rusby are playing on the Friday night. So we’ll be there. Thanks Karen.

Thanks also to Nessa who pointed out that Mr Barker has a poem you can listen to on his website. It wasn’t there when I last looked (which was admittedly a while before yesterday when I linked it).

Having a TV memory is sometimes very useful and sometimes very amusing. The other night for example I was able to watch Grange Hill’s “Hoppy” Hopwood admit to killing half of Coronation Street. I don’t normally watch Coronation Street, this is what makes it all the more amusing when Nadia Popov makes an appearance. Don’t get me started on EastEnders. Maybe that’s why I watch Neighbours, people tend to become famous after appearing on there rather than before (with the exception of guest appearances from Clive James and Dereck Nimmo).

Well, must dash, toodle-pip folks!

All I did was sniff too hard…

… and I got a 2 hour headache. I hate colds.

A book of strange poetry found its way to our doormat this morning. I blame Rhys although Rhys probably blames me, so that’s fair.

Trying to decide whether £12.50 is worth the entrance fee for a ‘Blue Tapestry’ concert in Pontardawe. have seen most if not all musicians individually or in other groups at some time, so it could be very good, on the other hand Rhys and I have been witness to a couple of efforts of this type where the sum of the parts far outweighed the whole, and we wished we hadn’t gone.

Well the washing up beckons, I must do something useful today really, although a surprising amount of by brain power at the moment is being concentrated on telling myself not to sniff…

For Andy

Andy wanted me to write a comment about Harry Potter, so he can tell you something interesting about the Hogwarts Express. So, erm… did you know that Alan Rickman was not first choice for Sirius Snape, but Tim Roth wanted to do Planet of the Apes instead (nice move Tim!). I just find it odd that they thought anyone else could play Snape, the description is Alan Rickman entirely.

Anyway Andy – comment space is all there, just for you (and anyone else really, but that’s not quite the point)


Am now pretty much recovered, but the last few days have been rather given over to flu, which seems to have hit a large proportion of our friends too. Rhys has so far managed to escape it, which means he has been extra nice and very good at looking after me and providing hot Ribena at regular intervals. (I’m now progressing onto honeyed tea to sort out my sore throat, but he’s good at making that too.)

Not a totally horrific time though, I’ve watched more really bad telly than usual, but Neighbours was better than ever with its season finale, nothing beats a really good wedding, and this one was well up to the standard of Drew and Libby and Scott and Charlene. Another good thing was some new pillows on my bed meant I had the best night’s sleep in ages, should have got them sooner.

So this Borders Store in Fforestfach – 14th March is now the opening day, but not much more info from the recently-restored-after-a-long-unexplained-absence site (apart from the hilarious misspelling of Pontardulais Road as “Pontardululaid Road”)

Well, must dash, meeting lots wibloggers and real people for lunch in town. Tarrarabit.


Rhys and I have been working on our church magazine all afternoon. It got to the point of hilarity by the end, one day we will have to do a limited edition run of the directors cut. I’m sure our friends would appreciate it, if not, we would.

All that meant we didn’t get time to go and check out our new local Borders store before it closed. Oh well, we’ll make it there someday.

I’m currently reading Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Last Hero’. It is very entertaining, and a return to form for Mr Pratchett, but I am becoming insanely jealous of Paul Kidby’s artwork. Especially as I just had to re-do the cover of the aforementioned magazine, as a proof-reader who shall remain nameless commented that my leek looked like a spring onion (don’t ask why I drew a leek on the cover – it seemed so fitting at the time).

Still haven’t beaten Malfoy, am beginning to suspect I may have lost the will to suceed at that particular obstacle, but my inherited stubborn streak would predict differently. Many obstacles in my life are met with a struggle between total lethargy and sheer bloody-mindedness. Sometimes people think I am genuinely more complex than these two basic instincts, but in general I’m not.

You’ve been a lovely audience…

… but if it’s all the same to you, I wouldn’t really love to take you home.

Thanks for all the comments, especially those in support of Richard Thompson and fruit salad. I am finding that cycling on my exercise bike whilst listening to Richard Thompson is a sublime experience that can only be made more smugly pleasurable if I then eat a bowl of fruit salad. I could write a book entitled ‘dieting for eccentrics’ with planned aerobic routines to the sound of Cosmotheka, with warm ups and cool – downs to the dulcet tones of Les Barker. Maybe not.

Grange Hill appears to have taken a turn for the worse after episode one, they seem to be running the school on the Erinsborough High blueprint – one classroom, one corridor, one teacher maketh a school believable. Well if it doesn’t work in Neighbours, it probably wouldn’t in a series about a school.

The interest in wiblogging amongst members of my church seems to have calmed down now so it seems there is no cause for immediate concern, the outbreak was contained swiftly and securely.

Have to go now and have that healthy lunch with Soo and gang. And try to work out what is happening with the mystery proof copy of the church magazine…