Monthly Archives: January 2003

An unlikely suggestion…

There are now so many wibloggers in our church we could start a working group… (only joking)

Is this the highest concentration of wibloggers in one church? Will this have an effect akin to osmosis in surrounding places of worship? Will the entire of Swansea be swept up in a hysterical surge of blogging? Who knows? Who cares? Find out in the next thrilling update!

There is an ill wind around these parts today. It took our recycling bin and contents across the front lawn this morning.

Talking of winds, I watched The English Patient again the other day and I still can’t work out what people see in Colin Firth (If you want to follow that train of thought, watch the film).

Minor exciting moment in my week was Tucker returning to Grange Hill – for one episode only unfortunatly, but the line of the episode had to go to the Year 7 bully: “This isn’t Hogwarts you know!” – it appears that in Grange Hill, even the school thugs read Harry Potter.

And in late June, it appears that even the delinquents on “Rownd-a-Rownd” will be able to use the boy wizard as ammunition. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone will be available in Welsh, just days after Book 5 is released. (I wonder how many Amazon couriers are booking that day off for fear of breaking their backs with the weight of the mailbags?). Personally I can’t actually wait for the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I will never tire of kids fiction.

I can see clearly now…

A friend pointed out to Rhys and I that ‘wiping windows’ would have meant something completely different 15 years ago – being able to see your garden better or something. Unfortunately its 2003 meaning was more appropriate to our situation this weekend, which saw Rhys slaving away for hours re-installing windows and linux.

Which (hurrah) means that I am now also able to add confirmation to the recent ‘6 wibloggers in a room’ tale. It was a cracking party, cheers guys.

Today will see me continuing in my endeavors to tape 30 seconds each of the 10 most popular soaps, in aid of a quiz at church youth group tonight. Thrilling. Crossroads is dire – when ‘Madge from Neighbours’ is your best actor, you should know you’ve a few problems on your hands… but apparantly not, I’ll give it 8 months.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Hello, not a lot going on here. Am less than 3 hours away from making cookies with the church youth group, and am trying to work out the consequences of this for my diet. Bad I think. Church magazine is all ready to come hot off the press tomorrow. And I’ll be one of those manning the press. Since when does an editor have to print her own magazine? Since she officially got ‘mug’ tatooed on her forehead I think. Moan over

Helped a friend move yeaterday and gained a mirror. It cleaned up nicely and should hopefully mean I go out of the door less often with Marmite round my mouth. (we do have mirrors in the house, but they’re all upstairs.) Mmm Marmite, need Marmite…

the proof of the pudding…

… may be easier to work out than the proofs of the magazine. To unpack that statement a little I should say that I am editing this month’s edition of our church magazine, and it was all going fine until I tried to decipher the comments of some of the proofreaders. Now I’d love to make a good job of it, honestly I would, but the handwriting and shorthand on a couple of them is entirely beyond me. Also comes in to question is whether to go with what I originally put together, or what someone else thinks would be better. Decisions stress me out, and I’m inclined to go with what other people think and compromise my own better judgement in some cases. Well, that’s a career path that I won’t be taking any hikes down anyway.

Am still ‘Pottering’ away on the Xbox. I’m currently trying to get the little blighter out of the dungeons without losing housepoints and then back to Hermione (who seems to be taskmistress extremis in this rather bizarre take on the plot of the book) and Ron in the girl’s toilets (mmm savoury entertanment for the kiddies there).

And no, Wood, I’m not.

I closed my eyes…

… but I refrained from drawing back the curtain. Last night I dreamt that this stupid banner had been put up wrongly, so I had to go and find the Pastor, but it wasn’t, it was Gandalf. then I was handing off a cliff somewhere in the northern regions of Middle Earth, then I was in Neighbours (talking to Libby about whether it was wise to move back in with her parents, if that maks any sense to anyone).

Surprised really I hadn’t dreamed of Harry Potter as I spent most of yesterday trying to get him past some ghosts on a particularly difficult level on the XBox game. Today, I gave up on the ghosts and took him flying instead, he looked like he needed some fresh air, poor kid.

Anyway Ness, I consider myself chided. Sorry, it’s been a busy if not very reportable week. Will do better next time ;)

Sort of an update

No Phillip Pullman play, Rhys only recorded the first hour and a half of the full 2 and a half hour play. Will do it myself next time harrumph.

Still, the banner is done and ready to be put up next week. I have to admit it does look good, though am slightly worried about the minister wanting to get us up front at church next week to talk about it. Our ‘motivation’ as such being sheer bloody-mindedness. Oh well, sure I’ll come up with something. The verse (sorry for being obtuse yesterday) reads “Direct my footsteps according to your word” Slightly literal, but fitting nonetheless.


Rhys and I have just spent the last hour thinking of appropriate wordage to use on the 30 foot banner we and some of our friends are making to cover up a wall in the back of our church. It has lots of multicoloured feet on it which seemed like a good idea at the time, and now doesn’t. Anyway we needed a bible verse which involved both feet and the good news, but the obvious one in Isiah was too long. In the end, many concordances later we found a Psalm verse which worked. Now all we need to do tomorrow morning is spend a couple of hours with 200 cut out outlines of feet from various members of the congregation and up to our elbows in poster paint.

Why is it whenever you get involved in something in church, it always without fail turns out to be more than you bargained for?

Anyhow, I have a Phillip Pulman dramatisation to look forward to tomorrow afternoon (thanks Karin), so it can’t be all bad.

Happy Birthday to…

…Mel Gibson (56), CITV (20) and, posthumously, I’m afraid, JRR Tolkien. Had the latter been still alive, I’m sure he would have rather enjoyed celebrating his eleventy-first bithday, but would no doubt have hidden away from the myriad of fans gleefully commemorating the event worldwide. Expect a small peak in the audience figures for the Two Towers today.

Not sure everybody needs them, but…

… when you’ve been watching them for over 15 years, good neighbours do become good friends. No I’m not a curtain twiching obsessive, but, well it’ll come out someday, I am rather addicted to a certain daytime soap. Neighbours made its return from its Christmas break today, so I’ve become slightly easier to live with, even if I am dedicating slightly more time than usual to this site – in order to share opinions predictions and spoilers on the messageboard. I am rather worried about a few people on there though, no fewer than 5 people posted a happy new year message within 6 minutes of midnight the night before last, did they seriously have nothing better to do?

Thanks guys for the comments, don’t expect very much from this wiblog once the novelty wears off, I get bored easily.

Got to look at the new years honours lists yesterday, am pleased Norma Waterson is joining her husband in those who get to dress up and meet the queen, though slightly bemused by Jasper Carrot OBE and Sir Ridley Scott (but then I hated Bladerunner).

There is still confetti everywhere, especially on the bottom of our shoes(?) we found loads under the sofa cusion, along with a teaspoon.

Rhys finally got round to (asking a friend to) changing the stylus on our record player the other day, does that mean he’s hoping to make some New Year’s Revolutions?


… Lemly has a wiblog. (Lemly for those of you who are not aware is Mrs Rhys (of Backburner fame).) A lot less computer literate, and 2 1/2 inches taller.

I don’t think this fence thing in the background would hold together very well in real life, as it doesn’t seem to have enough links in the wire wrapping around.

Rhys and I had a cocktail party last night, it was great fun and a big thank you to anyone who was there who might be reading this, because you were all brilliant (gush gush). We will be picking up little bits of confetti ’till 2004 I’m sure. Party bursters are great fun though, as were the sparklers.

To state any intentions for this wiblog would be too much like making New Years Resolutions, so I won’t.

It’s too late for Lemlys to be up really, so I’ll remedy that now and snuggle up in bed with my Phillip Pullman book, which I’ll probably read 1/2 a page of and fall asleep.